Civil Defence exercise in the Povo-Mesiano (TN) station

Trento, 5 November 2023

A Civil Protection exercise to verify the effectiveness of safety procedures, response times and coordination of structures in the event of an emergency in the area near the Povo-Mesiano stop, between the Villazzano and Pergine stations on the Trento-Venice line. The activity is one of the exercises scheduled in the FS Group's Annual Plan.

All operations were completed as planned, with no repercussions on railway traffic.

The scenario involved a train at a standstill on the line near the Povo-Mesiano stop, following a breakdown. A passenger had warned of the presence of smoke in a compartment. The train conductor called the Single Emergency Number (NUE 112) and then attempted to put out the fire with the extinguisher provided.

The subsequent intervention of the rescue team and fire brigade allowed for the correct assessment of the emergency and started the operations to rescue and disembark travellers as well as to secure the train and railway infrastructure.

The communication protocols provided for emergency management were promptly activated with the involvement of stakeholders: Government Commissariat for the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Permanent Fire Brigade of Trento, NUE 112, the Health Service (Trentino Emergenza), the Civil Defence Service of the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Mountain Rescue Service, the Psicologi per i Popoli organization, the Police Force and  FS Group.