FS Group and intermodality, Parkin’ Station is presented at Napoli Centrale

The undercover car park at the station will have charging spots for electric vehicles, parking spaces and areas dedicated to shared mobility, along with connections to cycle and pedestrian paths and a future bicycle parking station

Naples, 13 July 2022

Presented in Naples was the Parkin’ Station, a hub for parking and modal interchange, able to accommodate up to 360 vehicles and built by Grandi Stazioni Rail, a company under FS Italiane Group’s Infrastructure Hub and co-financed by MIMS (Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility), with a total investment of over 13 million euro.

The presentation was attended by Vincenzo De Luca – President of the Campania Region, Gaetano Manfredi – Mayor of the City of Naples, and Luigi Ferraris – Managing Director of the FS Italiane Group.

Parkin’ Station is the latest infrastructure to be built in one of Italy’s major stations that – like the one inaugurated in Milan on 8 April – forms an integral part of a broader strategic plan that aims to transform stations along the main national railway line into intermodal hubs of a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) system, with spaces for parking vehicles and services for interchanging various means of transport, including collective, shared and soft mobility. The result is a multi-service transport corridor in which stations – of various sizes – take on a strategic role within an integrated and modern mobility system that, by placing rail transport at the centre, intends to create agile and effective connections with other carriers, favouring the most sustainable means. With this in mind, stations will increasingly be the core of continuous pedestrian routes, connected to bicycle networks and equipped with bicycle parking spaces, equipped with recharging points for electric vehicles and with spaces dedicated to pick-ups and drop-offs for vehicle-sharing.

In Naples, the Parkin’ Station built in the premises of the former Officina di Carica Accumulatori (from which derives the name OCA), now decommissioned and demolished, is the latest in a series of operations financed by MIMS Objective Law 433 that has seen the redevelopment of the areas outside the Napoli Centrale station along with the underground car park in Piazza Garibaldi connected to the metro line and integrated with the design of the piazza area – being the work of Architect Dominique Perrault.


With a view to redeveloping real estate that is no longer serves railway activities, the multimodal service centre of the former OCA at Napoli Centrale represents yet another important milestone in the enhancement of Italy’s large stations, also in terms of the development of mobility that sees various modes of transport more effectively integrated. Of note in this regard is the activation as of Monday of a direct Frecciarossa service between Napoli Centrale and Fiumicino Airport, as an example of train-to-aeroplane integration. The new building runs approximately 180 metres parallel to Track 5 and to Corso Meridionale, in line with the location of the driveway entrance and exit points. The pedestrian area created adjacent to the new building will allow a direct connection between the car park and railway platforms, through control gates. The ground floor consists in areas for traveller services, covering a total space of 1,500 square metres, with video surveillance and customer service on-site.


The Parkin’ Station will help promote and improve the multimodal hub functions that the Napoli Centrale station is already fulfilling. Indeed, the multimodal service centre that covers an area of 9,500 square metres will be able to accommodate up to 360 vehicles and up to 40 motorbikes across three levels – with more than 100 spaces dedicated to shared mobility services such as car sharing and car rental, with 12 charging stations for electric vehicles installed immediately and destined to increase over time, plus eight parking spaces reserved for persons with reduced mobility and 7 spots for pregnant people and parents with children under 2 years of age.

As part of the project, spaces were selected in the access point for the open-air area dedicated to soft mobility, providing bicycle and scooter racks, without excluding the construction of a bike station with controlled gateways in the future.


The Parkin’ Station is open from five in the morning to one in the morning, with the possibility of hourly, daily and monthly rates: 2.50 euro per hour (for each hour or fraction thereof) and 22 euro per day for car parking; 1 euro per hour and 8 euro per day for motorbike parking; 2 euro for overnight parking (from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.), in addition to the monthly car pass for 150 euro, which drops to 120 euro for those in possession of a rail pass. It will be possible to book parking spaces through the parkinstation.it website or the Parkin’ Station app, planning your journey in advance. With a view to integrating train tickets and services, it will also be possible to book parking spaces whilst purchasing train tickets.