Savona-Ventimiglia line: Civil Protection exercise in the Santo Stefano tunnel

A simulation exercise envisaged stopping of a Trenitalia regional train due to collision with an obstacle following an act of vandalism on a preceding train. As part of the activities, the driver was supposedly injured whilst a passenger took ill.

Genoa, 23 June 2022

A regional train coming from Ventimiglia and bound for Savona comes to a precautionary halt inside the Santo Stefano tunnel due to being struck by an object (a seat) thrown onto the track following an act of vandalism on a train up ahead.

Having exited the train to check the rolling stock, the train driver stumbles whilst carrying out their duties, fractures their leg and is unable to move.

After providing first aid to their colleague, the train conductor makes an emergency call to request medical assistance and contacts the Trenitalia Operations Room to request a substitute driver. Upon panic breaking out amongst the passengers, the train conductor requests authorisation to disembark everyone to go and board replacement buses.

The Rete Ferroviaria Italiana Operations Room also requests the intervention of the Fire Brigade (for command posts), the Civil Protection of the Liguria Region and the Railway Police.

During the preparatory stages of disembarkation, a passenger feels unwell and experiences severe chest pain.

At the same time, a train carrying dangerous goods (LPG) in transit through the Capo Nero-Capo Verde Tunnels in the direction of Genoa is directed by both the FuoriMuro Operations Room and the RFI Operations Room to head back to the station of departure (Ventimiglia) in order to avoid a prolonged stop whilst waiting for the end of rescue operations in the Santo Stefano Tunnel.

This is the scenario of the Civil Protection exercise that took place tonight on the Savona-Ventimiglia railway line, with the collaboration of the Prefecture of Imperia, the Liguria Region Civil Protection, the Liguria Railway Police Department, the Provincial Fire Brigade Command (the latter for command posts only), the Police Headquarters and Carabinieri Command of Imperia, the Guardia di Finanza and the Municipalities of Taggia and Costarainera as well as the railway companies of Trenitalia’s Liguria Regional Management and FuoriMuro.

Particular attention was paid to verifying the effectiveness and speed of the activation of emergency management procedures.

The exercise forms part of the activities foreseen in the Group’s Annual Plan to monitor the effectiveness of the flow of communications and the chain of coordination, as well as the readiness of the territorial structures. This is all so as to improve safety standards and the protection of people, property and the environment.

The common objective was to test the emergency and rescue plan in force at the Prefecture of Imperia as well as to field-test the technical intervention and assistance system envisaged by the Memoranda of Understanding drafted between the FS Group, the Regional Civil Protection, 112 European Emergency Number Service and the Healthcare Emergency Service.

The activities caused no repercussions on train traffic.