The FS Italiane Group is the main partner of the Camogli Festival della Comunicazione

Scheduled in Liguria from 8 to 11 September 2022

Turin, 20 May 2022

The FS Italiane Group is the main partner of the Camogli Festival della Comunicazione scheduled from 8 to 11 September 2022 in Camogli, Liguria.

This partnership confirms FS Italiane’s commitment to the world of culture as an engine for the country’s development. This is a natural vocation for a company like FS, woven into Italy’s civil, economic and social fabric for more than a century and protagonist of “Un Tempo Nuovo” (A New Time), as the Group’s new slogan that emphasises the importance of the historical moment we are experiencing, in a world that needs to react and hold together different paths and needs, to look with confidence at the opportunities that the future holds for us.

FS Italiane will collaborate with the Camogli Festival in the “Libertà di Viaggiare” (Freedom to Travel) section, which includes appointments and meetings on the experience of travel, of which the FS is representative thanks to its daily activities, as a vehicle for freedom, connectivity, mobility and sustainability.

The FS Italiane Group is at the centre of the country’s mobility system and, with the new 2022–2031 Industrial Plan, plays a key role in Italy’s relaunch and development with a view to integrating diverse infrastructure and modes of transport, all in the pursuit of sustainability. With more than 82,000 employees, over 10,000 trains per day, 1 billion train and bus passengers per year and 45 million tonnes of freight annually, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane is a leader in passenger and freight transport by rail.

The FS Group also promotes and supports Italy’s cultural development through agreements with significant events, institutions and internationally-renowned museum hubs, contributing to the creation of a modern, digitised and sustainable mobility system that guarantees the free flow of ideas and encourages the enhancement of the country’s territories and beauties.