Consolidated Terzo Valico project and the Genoa Node – the diaphragm wall of the tunnel was knocked down as Minister Salvini looked on

The “Cantieri Parlanti” project is presented

Genoa, 4 December 2022

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini, today visited the Polcevera worksite of the “Consolidated Terzo Valico Project – Genoa Node” to share, together with the workers and the top management of the companies involved, in the celebration of Saint Barbara, patron saint of miners, and to witness the demolition of the Valico Tunnel diaphragm.

Amongst others, those present were Calogero Mauceri – Extraordinary Commissioner for the Consolidated Terzo Valico-Genoa-Campasso Node Project, Marco Bucci – Mayor of Genoa, Giovanni Toti – President of the Liguria Region, Luigi Ferraris – CEO of the Italian FS Group, and Pietro Salini – CEO of Webuild.

Today’s demolition completes the connection of more than 30 kilometres of underground excavations in the Valico Tunnel and brings progress to 82.6% of total excavations, meaning the worksites in Liguria are even closer to those on the Piedmont side.

This was an opportunity to illustrate the work phases and progress and to present “Cantieri Parlanti”, a project conceived and realised by the FS Italiane Group (RFI and Italferr) with Webuild, in collaboration with MIT (Italy’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport) and the Extraordinary Commissioner for the Genoa Node and the Terzo Valico dei Giovi-Campasso.

As of today, all FS Group worksites for projects financed with PNRR (Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan) funds will “speak” a simple, transparent and immediate language, shared with the territories, to make citizens and stakeholders more aware and up-to-date on the importance of the works underway.

With a communication from the worksites and through the section dedicated to strategic works of the website, it will be quicker and easier to follow the status and progress of all activities.