FS Group, Logistics Hub: more connections between the European Quadrant and Southern Italy

Offering increased by 50%, from 12 to 18 trips per week

As of 17 October, Verona-Giovinazzo will see an increase from 12 to 18 freight trains per week connecting the Quadrante Europa and the terminal in Puglia, one of the major logistics hubs for Southern Italy. The offering thus increases by 50%, responding to a growing demand and the appreciation that the Italian and European market is expressing for a service that the Logistics Hub (FS Italiane Group), led by CEO Gianpiero Strisciuglio through its subsidiary Mercitalia Intermodal and in partnership with Lugo Terminal SpA, launched in January 2021 along one of Italy’s busiest routes.

This rise in frequencies was also made possible thanks to the technical performance and reliability offered by Mercitalia Rail, which developed the traction service by availing of latest-generation locomotives and wagons.

Indeed, this service is characterised by the highest performance levels permissible by the national railway network today, with a load capacity of 1600 tonnes, a length of 550 metres and a loading gauge aligned with the highest European standard (P400).

The new schedule of 18 trains per week represents a further step towards achieving the objectives of the European Green Deal regarding the reduction of CO₂ emissions, by ensuring that around 27,500 Intermodal Transport Units (ITUs) – including semi-trailers, swap bodies, tank containers and sea containers – are taken off the road each year to save on more than 1,200 tonnes of C0₂ annually.

The Logistics Hub, through its subsidiaries and with initiatives such as this, confirms its leading role in the revitalisation of the rail transport and logistics sector as a system operator.