FS Italiane Group: a meeting on the future of the former Surbo (LE) freight yard

Lecce, 24 September 2021

An inspection of the former Surbo freight yard is to be followed by a technical meeting at the Confindustria Lecce headquarters. These two appointments for the day were attended by Teresa Bellanova – Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, Alessandro Delli Noci – Councillor for Economic Development of the Puglia Region, Nicola Delle Donne – Acting President of Confindustria Lecce, Umberto Lebruto – CEO of FS Sistemi Urbani, along with a representative of the Rete Ferroviaria Italiana.

Today’s meeting aims to share the key points of a programme that allows the Salento area to relaunch itself through investments in the transport of goods by rail, in line with the strategic objectives for restarting the productive and logistic fabric of Southern Italy.

The former freight yard of Surbo, owned by FS Italiane, has been on sale since last 12 August. The call expires on 12 November. The decommissioned yard, located on the Adriatic Lecce-Bologna railway line and near the west ring road of Lecce, offers connections with the Salento Airport and the main regional ports, lending itself to becoming an important logistic hub for the exchange of goods by rail-road-ship-aeroplane.