La Freccia: a summer full speed ahead with Orietta Berti

The Emilian singer graces the cover with Fedez and Achille Lauro

Rome, 3 August 2021

Sensations and distractions on La Freccia in August to experience summer in the name of serenity, without losing sight of safety and the common good. On the cover is Orietta Berti, who talks to us about her latest golden moment. The performer from Emilia is queen of the summer, together with Fedez and Achille Lauro, with the hit Mille leading the pack of other hits of the season by Boomdabash featuring Baby K, Ema Stokholma, Elettra Lamborghini, and Noemi with Carl Brave.

The range of travel proposals is rich, with a mix of thrills and scenic wonders – from Genoa heading east between the noble palaces and cliffs overlooking the Ligurian Sea, the Bolognese Apennines explored by train with trekking or e-bike suggestions from Trenitalia Tper, or even a journey by sea following the Route of Aeneas, the Virgilian hero who left Troy and crossed the Mediterranean before landing on the Lazio coast, where his progeny – centuries later – would found Rome.

There is no shortage of itineraries for discovering the Italian islands. In Sardinia, there are the 500 kilometres of the Santa Barbara mining trail with the ARTango&Jazz concerts being held from 24 to 29 August. In Sicily, some 59 villages have formed a network to promote their beauties, whilst on the Island of Elba, the Caribbean sea and small coves can be enjoyed whilst trekking amongst the greenery and savouring unique food experiences.

Salento is a superstar with Galatina, in the province of Lecce, offering baroque palaces, gastronomic specialities and the rhythm of the taranta. But also, with the Terrazza, everyone can head to the beach of San Foca, being equipped with means of access to the water for people suffering from ALS and neuromotor pathologies. This project was realised thanks to the dream of Gaetano Fuso, a police officer who received the honour of knighthood under the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic from President Mattarella.

Finally, there are interviews with the Paralympic athletes Simone Barlaam and Monica Contrafatto, ready for the competitions in Tokyo.

The Medialogando column and editorial, inspired by the Azzurri’s victory in the European football championships, transform the sporting parable into an invitation to team up, creating the conditions for definitively defeating Covid and, with a quick and effective restart on the counterattack, move together as a country towards the goal.