Trenitalia: the number of Rock trains on the tracks of Tuscany rises to 9

Florence, 12 August 2021

Tomorrow, the ninth Rock train will go into service on the tracks of Tuscany. Thus, one third of the supply of Rock trains destined for the Region is reached.

The train in the 5-car version can accommodate 1,467 passengers which, according to current legislation (with the vehicles having an 80% capacity), becomes 1,173, with 487 of these being seated, along with there being 9 spots for bicycles, electrical sockets and 50 video surveillance cameras.

Built in Pistoia at the Hitachi Rail site, the vehicle has a 30% reduced energy consumption and uses eco-sustainable materials for increasingly integrated and green mobility.

The service contract with the Tuscany Region foresees the arrival of another 21 Rock trains in the coming years, for a total of 29.