Urbino Link, train + bus to reach the Ducal City

A partnership between Trenitalia and Adriabus for fast, economical and sustainable intermodal transport. A connection runs every 30 minutes from 6:25 am to 8:30 pm. A total of 58 daily bus trips will connect the station of Pesaro and Urbino. 

Ancona, 7 July 2021

It is now easier and cheaper to reach Urbino – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – with the Urbino Link, the train + bus intermodal travel solution from Trenitalia (FS Italiane Group) and Adriabus.

In operation since December 2020, it has earnt public approval as the number of passengers increases.

Drawing up an initial assessment in Urbino today were Guido Castelli – Regional Councillor for Transport, Lara Ottaviani – President of AMI, Massimo Benedetti – General Manager of Adriabus, and Fausto Del Rosso – Regional Director of Trenitalia.

93 trains reach the Pesaro station which, combined with the 58 daily buses departing every 30 minutes from 6:25 am to 8:30 pm, make it easy to reach the city of Raphael with a single ticket, purchasable from all Trenitalia sales channels and from the Trenitalia app.

The Urbino Link, together with the other integrated services of the Marche region (the Fermo Link, Politecnica Link and Conero Link), represents an significant transport option that is comfortable, economical and sustainable.