FS Italiane, EMTN Programme updated and increased up to 9 billion euro

New opinion on the compliance of the Green Bond Framework with the EU Taxonomy of Sustainable Activities 

Rome, 15 December 2021

FS Italiane updated its “Euro Medium Term Notes” (EMTN) Programme for Institutional Investors listed on the Irish Stock Exchange, increasing its size up to 9 billion of euro, from the previous 7 billion and signing the documentation with 27 dealers.

The updated and increased Programme received confirmation on the current rating, BBB- from Fitch and BBB from S&P.

Since 2013, when the EMTN Programme was established, FS Italiane has issued 17 private and public notes, including 3 Green Bonds.

FS bonds will be still devoted to finance projects with positive ESG impacts, such as passenger trains for regional and high-speed transport, freight trains and buses as well as the completion of the High Speed infrastructure. Further green issuances will finance, in particular, the new Pop & Rock and Frecciarossa 1000 trains of Trenitalia, according to the current FS Green Bond Framework, which has recently received a new and key certification by Sustainalytics, about the full compliance of the FS Group Eligible Green Projects with the European Taxonomy of Sustainable Activities:


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