FS Italiane Group and the municipality of Licata unite to enhance the station area

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed for the redevelopment of the railway areas and neighbouring spaces 

A Masterplan and an Implementation Plan Agreement are foreseen

Licata, 16 January 2021

Making the spaces owned by the FS Italiane Group available to the community, enhancing the existing areas and buildings with a view to new social, cultural, educational and tourist functions.

These are the objectives of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Municipality of Licata and Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and FS Sistemi Urbani (being FS Italiane Group companies), signed today for the enhancement of the areas adjacent to the Licata railway station.

A technical roundtable, composed of representatives of the signatory parties, will prepare the design guidelines for the subsequent drafting of a Masterplan containing the indications and the strategies for enhancing and regenerating the areas covered by the Protocol.

With a unified and integrated vision, the Masterplan will be aimed at the preparation of an Implementation Plan Agreement for the achievement of shared objectives, including the insertion of new functions and services of use to the community, as well as to the overall improvement of the station’s accessibility system.

This sums up the main points of the document signed today by the Licata’s Mayor Giuseppe Galanti and the CEO of FS Sistemi Urbani Umberto Lebruto, in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport – Giancarlo Cancelleri.


“I am satisfied,” affirmed Giancarlo Cancelleri, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, “with the understanding reached between the FS Italiane Group and the Municipality of Licata, which aims to transform the disused railway areas and hand over redeveloped spaces to the territory, with functions and services able to satisfy needs and guarantee the well-being of citizens, contributing to the revival of the Southern Italy in a concrete way. When the objective is to do good for the community, collaboration between institutions is the way to achieve significant results.”

I am proud to have taken part in the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the FS Italiane Group and the Municipality of Licata”, added Umberto Lebruto, Managing Director of FS Sistemi Urbani. “This agreement will make it possible to carry out a significant project for the redevelopment and enhancement of the disused railway areas, giving the spaces back to the community. Today’s signing confirms the synergy and collaboration between the Group and the Municipal Administration, representing the first step on a path aimed at developing areas in the south of the country.”

“Today, through the signing of this protocol of understanding,” states Mayor Giuseppe Galanti, “the collaboration between the Municipality of Licata and the FS Italiane Group companies has been sanctioned, with the aim of enhancing the areas owned by the Ferrovie dello Stato and rendering them accessible to the community through initiatives of a cultural promotion and social nature. We are very pleased to be able to commence with the support of qualified partners in the planning of operations aimed at redeveloping and enhancing the areas adjacent to the Licata railway station. This result comes from the work that the Municipal Administration is carrying out in the interest of the Licata community.”