Napoli Centrale Station: a mural dedicated to Pino Daniele to welcome travellers

Urban artist Jorit will paint the musician’s face on the facade of the FS skyscraper in Piazza Garibaldi

Naples, 25 June 2020 

The artist Jorit shall adorn the facade of the Italian State Railway’s “Palazzo Alto” with the face of Pino Daniele that, from the Napoli Centrale station, will look out over Piazza Garibaldi. 

The expansive mural will be painted thanks to an agreement signed this morning by the Jorit Foundation in collaboration with the non-profit Pino Daniele Trust Onlus - Grandi Stazione Immobiliare and FS Sistemi Urbani, an FS Italiane Group company.

With the signing of the agreement, FS Italiane confirms its focus on art and culture, granting the spaces necessary for the completion of the work that represents a tribute to the unforgettable Neapolitan singer-songwriter, sealing the indissoluble bond between the musician and his hometown. 

The desire to form an indelible memory of Pino Daniele that would be clearly visible to all, overlooking one of the largest piazzas in Italy, also serves the intent to enhance a building that is part of FS Italiane’s real estate assets and represents a point of orientation towards the station entrance. 

Work on the project shall begin in late June and should come to an end by September 2020. 

Street Artist Jorit – known for hyper-realistic blowups of famous faces on the walls of large buildings – is not new to such undertakings. Amongst the most important are the depictions of San Gennaro in the district of Forcella, Maradona in San Giovanni a Teduccio, Hamsik in Quarto and – the latest – the world’s tallest mural realised in the Centro Direzionale di Napoli for the 2019 summer edition of Universiadi. 

“It is an honour for us to host an evocative work by Jorit, depicting the face of Pino Daniele, on the façade of a property owned by the FS Italiane Group,” declared Umberto Lebruto, Chief Executive Officer of FS Sistemi Urbani. “The FS Italiane Group thus confirms its remarkable sensitivity to artistic and cultural themes and its attention to sociability.”

“Pino Daniele is not only part of the artistic but also cultural heritage and, as it were, the ‘human’ patrimony of Naples,” says Jorit. “Thanks to this project, in representing the Neapolitan people, he will be right there to greet and welcome those arriving from the Piazza Garibaldi railway hub each day.”