FS Italiane as protagonist at SMAU Milan

Two innovative Group projects received awards

Innovation Skill Hub – being FS Italiane's Corporate Learning Programme – was a success. Trenitalia was awarded for the innovative solution adopted in the current maintenance plant in Lecce.

Milan, 21 October 2020

The FS Italiane Group was a protagonist of the Milan leg of the SMAU Roadshow.

Throughout the two days (20 and 21 October) dedicated to innovation and digital technologies, FS Italiane and Trenitalia were acknowledged as success cases, receiving the SMAU Innovation Award for avant-garde projects presented during the event.

FS Italiane was awarded for Innovation Skill Hub, the Group’s new Corporate Learning Programme, created to develop a forward-thinking mindset amongst employees. The project is aimed at creating a veritable hub in which people can meet and discuss with each other and explore the experiences of external partners, universities and startups, with the aim of developing new ideas and strengthening entrepreneurial skills, working on the three load-bearing pillars of innovation: mindset, connection and future skills.

Trenitalia received the SMAU Innovation Award for the pioneering project of the IMC (Impianto Manutenzione Corrente – being the Current Maintenance System) in Lecce for long-distance trains of the Adriatic line, developed in collaboration with the startup Pradella.

Indeed, the Lecce IMC was the first in Italy to be equipped with Tecatech, advanced techniques patented by Pradella that guarantee continuous and real-time monitoring of the functionality of the system’s defibrillators, enhancing the safety of train maintenance workers.

Participation in SMAU confirms how important it is for FS Italiane to apply the open innovation paradigm, looking outwards through the launch of challenges, the Call4Ideasand Hackathon, to liaise with young companies and startups with the aim of collaborating on the design of ground-breaking projects and solutions.

For FS Italiane, innovation, technology and digitisation all offer huge potential for change and discontinuity, being fundamental factors in promoting Italy’s sustainable development and increasing people’s well-being.

The Group contributes to generating value through the investment plan developed for new physical and digital infrastructures, in full alignment with the European guidelines of the Green New Deal and the Digital Agenda. This commitment is confirmed by the 4 billion euro dedicated to innovation and digitisation, aimed at improving customer relations.