Italian university students called to compete with the Frecciarossa brand

The 31st edition of the premio marketing award kicks off. May 31st is the deadline for taking part  

Premio Marketing is the most prestigious European competition for university students: a team competition where the most brilliant idea and best project wins. At the end of the competition the best teams will be offered quality job opportunities.

The 31st edition invites Italian university students to explore the new High-Speed market, in the only European example of effective brand competition. Frecciarossa is the protagonist behind the launch of this exciting challenge for participants: work on the brand identity, highlight the value behind the offer and engage customers; put them right in the centre of this innovative work and improve the offer, strengthening the extraordinary CartaFRECCIA communication channel.

The projects will be examined, discussed and assessed by a jury made up of university professors and managers, from both FS Italiane and other partner companies. Applications must be in by 31st May.

History of the Award

The Award was founded in 1988 by a small group of university professors, pioneers in marketing study and teaching in Italy. In 2006, the Società Italiana Marketing, a non-profit cultural association that brings together subject academics, managers and businesses, took over the reins of the project and developed it, adopting a partnership structure.

Every year a technical-scientific committee chooses a brand, favouring those coming under the made in Italy label and which are examples of excellence, to be submitted to students to be used as a way to improve their skills and widen their learning.

There is no other cultural university project in Europe that can boast the award’s numbers: 31 years in existence, covering brands in all sectors; an average of 35 universities and eight thousand students involved each year in dedicated university lectures, with over 500 competing projects.