FS Italiane Group: over 5,700 new recruitments in 2019 and the year is not over yet

Rome, 22 November 2019

FS Italiane Group continues to advance and focus on young people. In 2019, 5,724 persons were hired by the FS Group, far more than the 4,000 envisaged in the 2019-2023 Business Plan. In detail, Trenitalia recruited 1,908 young people, RFI, the Italian Rail Network 1,824, ANAS another 631, and the other Group companies 1,361.

The professional roles envisaged are: staff aboard trains, sales and service agents and personnel in the maintenance of trains and road and rail infrastructure. (Data updated as of today's date, 22/11/2019).

“The FS Italiane Group, at a time of major transformation such as that which we are currently experiencing, is called upon to set an example by pursuing the long-term interests for the country, such as offering work for young people,” underlined Gianfranco Battisti, CEO and General Director of the FS Italiane Group.

“Over 5,700 young people were hired in 2019. They were selected to improve service quality, especially in the regional sector in order to simplify the daily life of commuters. This is the concrete commitment made by the FS Group in defining a new model for future development that is sustainable and shared.

It is our responsibility to value youths, their skills and competences, so that they in turn may become sources of value, as the protagonists and builders of the common good.”