Apulia: a task force to ensure trains are punctual

Actions are being taken to improve network reliability and implement a new schedule

Bari, 18 January 2019

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and Trenitalia (FS Italiane Group) are set to help Apulian travellers, having programmed a series of customer-focused actions to improve railway quality, in agreement with the Apulia region.

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana has activated a task force in order to better punctuality standards.

Amongst the actions already implemented and under way:

  • replacement of copper cables with fibre optics to optimise the reliability of the train spacing system on the Adriatic and Taranto-Bari line;
  • closure of two level crossings in Barletta to permanently eliminate critical issues related to vehicle and pedestrian crossings;
  • a technological upgrade of two level crossings in Bari Santo Spirito and another in Trani, also to safeguard against improper crossings;
  • renewal of turnouts in and out of stations with state-of-the-art systems;
  • video surveillance systems on the routes most affected by the theft of precious metals to prevent malicious deeds and the consequent repercussions on rail traffic;
  • technological renewal of station management systems on the Taranto-Metaponto line (centralised traffic control).

Such operations, together with those to improve the standards of comfort, functionality and decorum of the Apulian stations (adapting platforms to European standards, installing lifts and new public information systems), will lead to significant increases in the quality of the travel experience overall.

It should also be noted that the new timetable is still in the trial phase. Certain modifications to schedules and stops have already been enacted, whilst others shall be adopted on the basis of suggestions from commuters. Particular attention will be paid to the composition of trains, in consideration of the new distribution of demand streams for trains on the new timetable so as to ensure greater comfort to those who choose the train services each day.

In any case, since 9 December the number of passengers on regional trains has increased, also thanks to the new timetable, albeit in the adjustment phase, guaranteeing faster connections between Lecce, Foggia and Bari and connections every half hour between Barletta and Fasano.

In agreement with the Region of Apulia, a timetable model is being studied also on the Taranto-Bari line to ensure faster connections between the two cities and additional connections with long-distance trains.

Meanwhile, Trenitalia has activated a direct line for Puglia commuters through the new customer care service available in Bari and Lecce, in addition to the daily presence aboard the trains scheduled.

For some months, it has also been possible to utilise the Trenitalia app for services in Apulia to receive information in real time. More than 2,000 people have already activated the service, receiving timely updates regarding the line or train of interest, sent directly to their smartphone.

For the Lecce-Bari, Foggia-Bari and Brindisi-Bari connections, the prices for transit passes valid for Frecciarossa trains are aligned with the rates of the Frecciabianca railcards.