With nugo, the FS Group app, you can purchase APAM services in Mantua

Mantua, 16 January 2018

FS Italiane Group's integrated mobility app, nugo, now makes it possible to purchase tickets for Mantua's urban transport service managed by APAM.

In this initial phase, single bus and metro tickets for the Zones A+B can be purchased through nugo. No surcharge will apply to tickets purchased through this app.

nugo's arrival in Mantua helps improve the user experience of the trip and facilitates people moving around the city faster and more easily,” declared Renzo Iorio, nugo's General Manager. “Having arrived in a city of art such as Mantua is another step towards involving more and more partners, expanding the network of Italian provinces in which it is present. Being well organised and technically innovative, the nugo platform perfectly integrates with the local APAM public transport system. nugo is an important step in modernising the digital process of searching for and purchasing tickets, bringing people closer to collective mobility services.”

“We enthusiastically accepted FS Italiane's proposal to join nugo,” declared Daniele Trevenzoli, President of APAM Esercizio. “This is an important project of collaboration amongst public transport operators to improve accessibility for those using the services, with APAM being particularly attentive to such aspects. Moreover, Mantua is an art city enjoying increasing discovery. The possibility to purchase integrated train and bus tickets will be an extra opportunity for those wanting to visit our city, as people will be able to make a single purchase for all tickets needed to reach their final destination.”

Via nugo, you can easily purchase tickets using your smartphone, pay quickly and safely via credit card or other innovative systems such as Amazon Pay, PayPal, Satispay, Apple Pay or via a MyBank transfer. Checks are carried out through a unique code via which the APAM ticket inspectors can verify the ticket's validity. Hence, no more paper tickets to carry about and validate but rather a virtual ticket to be conveniently saved in the passenger’s electronic device.

With the nugo app, it will also be possible in the coming months to purchase tickets valid for the urban services of Zones A+B (daily, daily family, 10-trip ticket) and for suburban services managed by APAM. The nugo app will be gradually integrated with all information on public transport, timetables and any route changes or deviations in Mantua.

Launched in June 2018 by the FS Italiane Group, nugo allows you to purchase travel solutions integrating various modes of transport including by: train, aeroplane, bus, metro, ferry and even car and bike sharing.

The app is simple and intuitive: selecting the point of departure and destination, nugo lists all possible solutions to reach journey's end, combining various means of transport and indicating the duration of the trip and ticket price for each. Once you have chosen the means or the combination of transit methods proposed, you can buy all your tickets in just one click, making it much quicker and more practical to arrange your trips. Through filters and preferences, it is also possible to customise the trip, ensuring the itineraries best suit the needs of each traveller.

The free app is available and downloadable from Google Play and App Store.