Trenord, Fontana - Battisti meeting: already in October new trains and personnel for the Lombardy network

Syncing of the centrality of local transport and decision-making levers more incisive for new management

Milan, 31 August 2018

Nine trains as early as next October and 25 during 2019. Transfer to Lombardy of 20 employees between train drivers and on-board personnel, starting from the month of October.

This is what was proposed by FS Italiane to the Lombardy Region as part of the meeting at Palazzo Lombardia between FS managing director Gianfranco Battisti and FS president Attilio Fontana.

«The commitment of the whole FS Italiane Group - underlined Gianfranco Battisti, CEO of FS Italiane - is to put commuters at the centre of our activities. The agreement announced today with the Lombardy Region goes in this direction, in line with indications from the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport. We are ready to supply Trenord with 34 trains by 2019, together with 20 employees, between train drivers and on-board personnel, to begin solving the shortcomings of the Lombard rail transport system that plays a central role for the entire country. We are working to guarantee all Italian commuters, in the shortest possible time, a better travel quality, thanks also to the arrival of the new regional trains starting in the spring of 2019».

«I am satisfied - commented President Fontana - that our requests for facing the emergencies in rail transport have been accepted, even if the proposal will still have to be technically evaluated by the Region and Fnm. I thank the Government that, through FS, has finally given a concrete answer to the needs of Lombardy».

With regard to governance, Fontana underlined a full cooperation with FS to provide concrete and autonomous operations to the CEO of Trenord who will be appointed within 15 days, in order to offer the new management all the operational levers useful for this change of course. «The need was recognized - continued Fontana - to change the current situation that affects the company's operations».

«Steps must be taken gradually - the president concluded - I think it is a positive thing that the cry for help that I had been expressing for some time, in this case has been heard. It's a good start, we will see if there is a need to make further demands, but the road taken is the right one».

To the 34 trains made available by FS Italiane, another 15 new trains will be added in 2019, which will be completed by the Pistoia workshop.

The agreement announced today also envisages working synergies between Trenord and Trenitalia operating rooms for a new model that is more responsive to customer needs, Trenitalia's operational support in supply management consistent with the peak demand, and interventions on the cycles of maintenance for the purpose of improving the safety of the service.