Renato Mazzoncini meets with a delegation from the Estonian Railways

Rome, 11th May 2018

Today in Rome, the Managing Director and General Manager of FS Italiane Renato Mazzoncini met with a delegation from the Estonian Railways led by Erik Laidvee, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AS Eesti Raudtee, the company that manages the railway in Estonia.

The top executive from FS Italiane illustrated the advanced technologies used by the Italian High Speed/High Capacity system to his Estonian counterparts.

The delegation's visit has the objective of studying modern technologies used by the railway system in our country, in particular the safety systems and the railway traffic management system.

The Estonian railways are involved in the development of Rail Baltica I and Baltica II, strategic corridors for the development of rail traffic in the area connecting Poland with Finland, and passing through Estonia. The Corridors are part of the TEN-T North Sea Baltic corridor.

The Rail Baltica I project provides for the electrification and installation of signaling systems along the railway line (119 km), which runs from the Polish-Lithuanian border to the city of Kaunas (Lithuania). The investment amounted to 380 million euros.

With the more complex and extensive Rail Baltica II project, more than 600 km of electrified line will be built, from Kaunas to Tallinn (Estonia), for an investment of around 5 billion euros. An underwater link is also under study running up to Helsinki, Finland (92 km).

FS Italiane is examining the Rail Baltica I and II projects both for engineering activities (design, work supervision and other advisory services) and for any Operation & Maintenance activities.

The Estonian Railways delegation also visited the maintenance facilities of the Frecciarossa 1000 high-speed trains in Naples and the Operations Room in Bologna.