FS Italiane strengthens its system of industrial relations

Rome, 24th April 2018

Regulate employee performance bonuses; assign one-time awards for 2017 results; involve trade unions in the evolution of the Company, by regulating the participation and consulting forum; consolidate and develop smart working and internalise the activities of Trenitalia's maintenance workshops for the new regional Rock and Pop trains.

These are the important milestones achieved by FS Italiane thanks to specific agreements with trade unions: results in line with the strategy of the 2017-2026 Industrial Plan and increasingly strengthening the Group's industrial relations system.

A new path that sees FS Italiane, an integrated and sustainable mobility hub, growing as a protagonist in Italy and abroad. A new people strategy that aims to improve the profitability and productivity of the Group and which puts "the person" at the centre of choices, the main interpreter of change, and the consolidation of company objectives.

Employee Bonus Awards: 2018, 2019 and 2020

For the employee performance bonus - 2018, 2019 and 2020 - macro indicators have been identified for profitability, quality, productivity and individual participation in the Company's objectives such as: Group EBITDA, EBITDA of the individual Group companies, and quality produced for the customers. The objectives are differentiated for each company in the Group that applies the national collective labour contract for mobility (CCNL) and the supplementary agreement of the FS Italiane Group.

For employees, annual bonuses are between 900 and 1,450 euros, with the possibility of significant increases in the event of overperformance.

One-time bonus for employees based on 2017 industrial results

One-time bonuses - between 600 and 1,000 euros - will be awarded, with different values depending on tier levels, based on industrial results achieved by the Group in 2017, thus rewarding added and qualified value contributed by employees.

Trade union organisations: greater involvement in company evolution

The trade unions will increasingly be involved in all corporate developments for FS Italiane Group, from organisation to strategies. Greater involvement will be possible thanks to the definition of the operating rules of the Participation and Consultation forum. The objective launched in 2016 was thus completed with the signing of the Group Business Contract.

Maintenance of new Rock and Pop trains: internalisation of activities in Trenitalia workshops

Internalise in Trenitalia maintenance workshops all activities surrounding the new regional Rock and Pop trains, underlining the centrality of maintenance activities for the FS Italiane Group.

Smart working: consolidation and development

After an initial experimental phase, the next step will be to consolidate and extend the smart working tool to approximately 1,500 employees, developing a plan for the progressive expansion of the new work methodology.