A feasibility study to upgrade New Delhi-Jaipur rail corridor

By the summer a feasibility study for the modernisation of the railway corridor between New Delhi and Jaipur will be completed. 

New Delhi, 6 February 2018

Under an agreement with Indian Railways, by the summer, FS Italiane Group will complete the feasibility study for the upgrading of the railway corridor between New Delhi and Jaipur. Within the agreement, the financing of works will be analyzed, too. 

This project further strengthens the technical collaboration between FS Italiane Group and Indian Railways in compliance with the main commitments of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in January 2017 New Delhi by Renato Mazzoncini, CEO and Director General of FS Italiane, in presence of the Minister of Indian Railways Suresh Prabhu and AK Mittal, President of Indian Railways.

Increasing the safety level of Indian Railways through the modernization of management procedures, controlling the infrastructure and transport system together with the training of personnel in the field of safety are the main goals of the document.

The feasibility study has been carried out in order to analyze the possibility for increasing the speed on the corridor up to 200 kmper hour. The 300-km railway line between New Delhi and Jaipur is strategic to India since 70 passenger trains and 20 freight trains daily travel on the corridor. In terms of infrastructure investments, the project also respects the priority of modernizing the existing railway network and bringing the performance of safety and speed to the maximum levels.

Italferr, engineering company of FS Italiane which opened an office in New Delhi in 2016, and Italcertifer, certification railway company of FS Italiane, are already involved in 6 projects in India.