Play Mobility school project to educate students on correct train etiquette

Rome, 10 December 2018

Educating young people to respect and to correctly use the train as a common good to be preserved and defended.

With the Play mobility project, the journey is changing, dedicated to primary and secondary schools, the FS Italiane Group is putting the younger generations at the centre of the integrated mobility of the future. The aim is to spread the culture of legality and responsibility among students, the citizens of tomorrow, to stimulate them to positively change their relationship with the train and with all public transport.

The initiative involves children and young people (aged 6 to 14) from more than 2,000 Italian schools. It includes didactic activities on four thematic areas that tell the nature of the trip: Emotion, the journey told in different languages, including music associated with the new regional Pop and Rock trains; The discovery, the evolution of the intermodal journey and new geographical frontiers; Progress, understanding the progress and technological innovation of means of transport and promoting digital innovations; Planning, digital travel planning, use of relevant smartphone applications and online assistance.

The training program involves the participation of students with digital tools and recreational-educational materials. The Good Traveller Manifesto, for children and young people, offers a handbook on best practices to be adopted on board trains.

Through this two-year project, the FS Italiane Group intends to make children understand that not respecting common goods causes damage to the community both in economic terms and unavailability of transportation means. Vandalism, in fact, is a phenomenon that heavily affects the quality of service and causes damage to the railway system. For teachers instead the Methodological Guide differentiated by school grade is available.

Play mobilitythe journey is changing is inserted into the educational agenda of students in regards to didactic areas (expressive, anthropological, technological, digital) as indicated by the Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research in the National Directions for the first school semester and in the 2018 New Scenarios.

FS Italiane's partner is La Fabbrica, an international communications agency specializing in edutainment and institutional projects, which won the tender for the design and implementation of the Play mobility project, the journey is changing.

The Play Mobility Coordination Centre can be reached on Freephone number 800.39.01.22, by e-mail at, and on their website