New Intercity service contract: summing up the first six months

The ten year plan to relaunch Intercity services that began in January and is now fully operational, involving more than 300 million euros in investment, was illustrated in the press conference for the agreement held at Rome Termini station in the presence of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructures, Graziano Delrio, and Trenitalia CEO, Barbara Morgante

Rome, 02 August 2017

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructures and the Minister of Economics and Finance signed a new contract with Trenitalia on 31 July 2017 for the "universal" rail service, operating since last January. The network of Intercity trains reaches more than 200 cities in Italy, with 108 daily rail links used by more than 12 million travellers each year. The signature seals a process that has already been operating for a few months, and involves contractual commitments lasting for ten years, from 2017 to 2026.

The press conference and first report on the agreement, held this morning in Rome Termini station, was attended by Minister of Transport and Infrastructures, Graziano Delrio, and Trenitalia CEO, Barbara Morgante.
The service contract between Trenitalia and the State for medium and long distance public service rail links will see a relaunch plan that will include, in particular, modernising and expanding the fleet and improving journey comfort and quality. It will also allow the company to consolidate the services provided, including all Intercitys in circulation, and activate additional services on board trains.

The investments planned for the 2017-2026 contract include systematically upgrading rolling stock, ending the revamping plan for Intercity Giorno carriages by the end of 2018, and introducing the new livery for all Intercity Giorno and Notte trains by the same date. More than 300 million euros will be invested in converting the entire fleet into reversible convoys consisting in fixed length trains with a locomotive on one end and a semi-pilot carriage on the other which can be used to drive the convoy and control the locomotive remotely. Today, the ribbon was cut on the first journey of the first semi-pilot wagon in the fleet dedicated to Intercity services; another four semi-pilots will be brought in during September and October on the Grosseto/Milan and Leghorn (Livorno)/Milan routes.

Further technological upgrades will include the installation of sophisticated on-board video-surveillance systems, to increase security and the sense of safety for passengers. Some of the biggest new features in the "new era" will be a 16% increase in seats on Intercity Giorno trains (+6,000 per day, and more than 2 million per year); greater punctuality and reliability thanks to the introduction of higher performing and technologically innovative rolling stock; new services such as travelling cleaners and minibars on longer routes, all aimed at improving the customer experience.