The FS Italiane Group starts the experimental Smart Working phase

The agreement was signed today with the trade unions. The trial phase of the project will involve 500 employees on a voluntary basis.

Rome, 2 May 2017

Smart Working is a flexible working company management system which allows some categories of employees to liaise with their manager in order to choose, on certain days of the week and by following specific guidelines, the time and place they work.

“With this agreement, FS Italiane has introduced new working methods, like other leading companies”, affirmed Mauro Ghilardi, Director of the FS Italiane’s HR and Organisation Department.

“This trial means we can judge how the extension of Smart Working impacts on the running of our company and find innovative formulas on the technological and organisational front, to increase flexibility and compatibility with personal requirements and results”.

The trial phase of the project will involve 500 employees on a voluntary basis. The aim of FS Italiane Group is to extend it to make it become a permanent way of working. Employees will be able to begin work from the place of their choice from a minimum of 4 up to a maximum of 8 days a month, which cannot be transferred to other months.

Smart Working will help to focus employees on their objectives in the belief that making them responsible for their own results is a key to company success, as part of a system of relationships between worker and manager which is based on mutual trust and transparent dialogue.

For this reason, FS Italiane Group has begun the pilot project, with the aim of bringing out the most in people in pursuing a work-life balance.

There will thus be specific and measurable aims laid down for each of the participants, and the company will supply all the IT tools necessary to carry out the work, in addition to providing focused training.