The FS Italiane corporate website came first in the 2017-2018 Webranking for non-listed companies

FS Italiane Group's digital transparency was praised, in line with international standards

Rome, 22 November 2017

The site rose to first place in the 2017-2018 Webranking for non-listed companies, drawn up by strategic consultants Lundquist.

The site received 65.3 points out of a maximum of 80, the highest result out of 77 non-listed companies included in the comparison. The companies were selected based on turnover, number of employees, brand representation, importance within the country and finally their proximity to being listed. Last year, out of 62 Italian companies analysed, the FS Italiane site scored 43.43 points (out of a potential 80), reaching third place.

The awards were presented today in Milan for the sixteenth edition of the Lundquist International Seminar in Digital Corporate Communications, held in the Corriere della Sera building in Milan.

The Webranking takes account of the company's presentation (business areas, history), the media section (press releases and multimedia material), financial information (reports, main results, strategy), governance (corporate structure, management and board) and employer branding (opportunities for graduates, job offers and staff data).

FS Italiane's section on corporate social responsibility (CSR) drew particular attention, and was one of the main reasons for achieving first place: "Ferrovie not only explains their sustainability strategy, but links it to the group's business plan. The section on sustainability includes in-depth information on people, protecting the environment and a presentation of stakeholders. This information is completed by the latest financial reports and archives going back six years".

Anas and Sisal took joint second place, and SACE took fourth, showing that State-controlled companies (FS, Anas and SACE) have grasped the importance of maximum transparency in digital communications.

The Lundquist study, performed in collaboration with Comprend, was conducted through interviews with investors, financial journalists, talented professionals looking for new opportunities and digital managers. In all, more than 500 stakeholders were interviewed. Among other things, the study assessed how companies have learnt to stand out by using increasingly contextualised data and information, told in a way that exploits the full potential of digital media. Also thanks to the pervasiveness of technology, this has increased public expectations in terms of transparency. The challenge facing companies today, in order to stand out in an increasingly competitive market, is to succeed in creating a trust-based relationship with their target, based on sharing an ethical and sustainable approach to guide strategic choices.