Fsitaliane.it won the first place of 2017 Webranking by Lundquist

Fsitaliane.it received the award of the 16th edition of Webranking on Italian non-listed companies. The 2017 research conducted by Lundquist, in collaboration with Comprend, aimed at analyzing how well do Italy’s largest non-listed companies meet the growing expectations of stakeholders in terms of transparency and dialogue through digital channels. 

FS Italiane has been monitored under a stress test where the fundamentals of online corporate and financial communications and dialogue of the largest listed companies, based on stakeholder demands, have been measured. Our company is among those  that have significantly increased their score. Compared to the score obtained in 2016, we increased by over 20 points. The research reveals that state-owned enterprises are most transparent in digital communicators and investment in this sector grows, surprisingly for wholly or partially companies owned by the Italian State. Moreover, in comparison with last year, not only has the number of companies passing the stress test increased (from 23% in 2016 to 28% in 2017) but the number of those failing the stress test has also dropped (from 52% last year to 43% today).

Among the sections analyzed on fsitaliane.it there are: the overview about the company, business area, history of the company, news and press releases, financial statements, governance and employer branding. The ceremony is taking place tomorrow at the Corriere della Sera headquarter in Milan.