Pop, the new regional train of Trenitalia and Alstom

Presentation at Expo Ferroviaria 2017

Fiera Milano Rho, 3 October 2017

The new train commissioned from Alstom by Trenitalia, and destined to improve the travel experience of regional transport customers, is called Pop.

A life-size model and the name, which echoes that of the other Trenitalia regional convoys, were unveiled today in Milan at Expo Ferroviaria 2017, in the presence of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport,Graziano Delrio, along with Gioia Ghezzi, President of FS Italiane, and the Managing Director of the Group, Renato Mazzoncini, together with Tiziano Onesti and Orazio Iacono, Chairman and Managing Director of Trenitalia respectively.

Managing Director of Alstom Ferroviaria, Michele Viale, acted as host.

The framework agreement signed by the two companies, after an international tender that saw the participation of the world's most prominent players in the industry, provides for the supply of 150 single-engine electric trains for a total amount of around 900 million euros. The new Pop fleet is part of the maxi-supply of 450 new convoys for regional transport, worth a total of 4 billion euros, including the 300 double-decker Rock trains produced by Hitachi Rail Italy: a contract whose capacity, economic value and number of convoys, has no precedent in Italy.

"The FS Italiane Group's 2017-2026 Business Plan announced a year ago includes commitments to relaunching the regional rail system and developing integrated public mobility services, putting the Government's, and particular the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport's, priorities into action. These commitments have been met with the tenders for new trains to replace 70% of the regional fleet by 2021, guaranteeing commuters new travel experiences in line with their mobility needs. The Pop train will be produced entirely in Italy, a country that has maintained a significant know-how in the railway sector, with direct and important effects on its continual development as well as employment in manufacturing, linked sectors and industrial production chains in general", commented FS Italiane Chief Executive Officer, Renato Mazzoncini, adding: "Once again, FS Italiane is the industrial driver of the country, and we are confident that all regions will take this opportunity in view of the new service contracts."

"In a couple of days the Pop road show presented here today will begin, along with Rock, the other train currently being produced for our clients. Everyone will be able to see, in all the main Italian cities, how much Trenitalia is really striving to innovate and improve journey quality. First stop, Bologna. We have signed a 15-year service contract with the Emilia Romagna region, and in 2019 we will also start delivering the 86 trains planned: 47Pops plus 39Rocks. "This marks a real change", commented Orazio Iacono, Managing Director of Trenitalia, "because the punctuality and regularity of our regional services are currently on average European values. But that is not enough for us, and we want to bring the same kind of revolution that we created in the High Speed network to the regional level. Also thanks to these next-generation trains."

"Our decade of experience serving regional fleets has enabled us to design trains made-to-measure for the Italian market. Created and built by Alstom Ferroviaria for Trenitalia, Pop is a new generation train that uses the latest technology from the railway industry 4.0 and Alstom's experience, with over 100 trains from the Coradia family already in commercial service in 10 Italian regions. Pop is easily customisable, thanks to the 3D configurator, which will allow the Regions to vary the interior layout and change the areas according to their needs and type of service. The interior areas can be adapted to different regions and seasons: for example, inserting bicycle or ski racks. Travellers will appreciate the design, comfort and technology of this beautiful train", Michele Viale, Managing Director of Alstom Ferroviaria, explained.

Pop belongs to a new generation of regional trains that are technologically advanced, comfortable, accessible, environmentally friendly and easily adaptable, in interior fittings and accessories, to the different needs of regional clients. In its two versions, 4-car and 5-car, the train can carry 200 or 300 seated passengers, providing them with audio and video information and entertainment with 24" LCDs visible from all over the train, WiFi network and digital video surveillance cameras.