Frecciarosa 2017: prevention travels at high speed

An initiative sponsored by Trenitalia and IncontraDonna, with the patronage of the Ministry of Health

Rome, 2 October 2017

From 3 to 27 October, in the month dedicated to the prevention of diseases affecting women, the FS Italiane Group offers its trains to support the Frecciarosa 2017 awareness campaign, promoted together with the IncontraDonna non-profit association and sponsored by the Ministry of Health. The initiative is supported by Farmindustria and aims to promote the culture of healthy lifestyles to combat breast cancer and papilloma virus, starting from correct prevention, also through on-board train assistance and information for travellers.

The Frecciarosa 2017 campaign was presented today at the auditorium of the Ministry of Health, in the presence of Minister Beatrice Lorenzin, the President of IncontraDonna, Adriana Bonifacino, Director of the Sant’Andrea La Sapienza Oncology Department, Paolo Marchetti, Trenitalia Ssales and universal service contract Manager, Sabrina De Filippis, and Director General of Farmindustria, Enrica Giorgetti. Samanta Togni acted as testimonial for the event. Daniela Vergara acted as moderator.

From Tuesday 3 to Friday 20 October, specialised doctors will be available on board selected Freccia trains for tips, free examinations and advice on prevention. The initiative will be running in Rome Termini and Milan Central stations at the Frecciarosa desks attended by staff from IncontroDonna, a non-profit organization that will be distributing a "Handbook for health" as well as offering breast examinations in a dedicated area.

Moreover, this year for the first time ever, at the Help Centres in Santa Maria Novella (24 October), Rome Termini (26 October) and Naples Central stations (27 October), free breast examinations and advice will be available. This way, Frecciarosa also extends a hand to women who turn to the Help Centres with an experimental initiative involving volunteer doctors from IncontraDonna. Users will be informed about prevention and accompanied by the operators to take a step (the examination) which often involves overcoming solid barriers of fear, mistrust, and lack of self-care.

Since last April, IncontraDonna has already been running the Dottor Binario project at Rome Termini, in collaboration with the Social non-profit cooperative Europe Consulting that runs it.

"Trenitalia, like the rest of the FS Group, has long been committed to our social responsibility, and this is precisely where the Frecciarosa 2017 fits in - an annual event that our clients have shown they appreciate, to the point of becoming an increasingly anticipated project," said Sabrina De Filippis, Sales and universal service contract Manager from Trenitalia. "Thanks to this initiative, we have numerous medical specialists and qualified staff available for customers who want to get advice and useful information. Selected trains will be attended by volunteers who can tell and share their experiences with the disease and the importance of prevention. Over the years, Frecciarosa has given many people an opportunity to get involved, with important results regarding the prevention and, in many cases, the treatment of tumours", concluded Sabrina De Filippis.

"Frecciarosa is a long-running project that reaches millions of citizens throughout Italy every year, thanks to the collaboration with the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group. A pink October, to fight breast cancer. The main goal of this project is to raise awareness among citizens, especially women who are the central member of the family, of the culture of prevention," stated the President of IncontraDonna, Adriana Bonifacino.