Freccialink is born: the Frecciarossa reaches Matera and Potenza

Matera and Potenza move closer to Florence, Bologna, Milan, Padua, Venice, Naples and Salerno

Potenza, 09th June 2016

Freccialink is born: the Trenitalia High Speed link reaches Matera and Potenza.

Thanks to an integrated Coach plus Frecce AV service, from June 12th, with the new railway timetable, Matera and Potenza move closer to Florence, Bologna, Milan, Padua, Venice, Naples and Salerno. And they do so with the comfort, speed and all the advantages offered by Trenitalia’s Frecce service.

Freccialink was presented today in Potenza and Matera at two different times. Those attending included Barbara Morgante, CEO of Trenitalia, Dario De Luca, Mayor of Potenza and Raffaele Giulio De Ruggieri, Mayor of Matera.

Freccialink wishes to be an opportunity for the people of Basilicata, who travel for business or pleasure, as well as for the two towns, which will become part of the network of the regional capitals served by the High Speed system and can therefore begin to benefit directly from a fast, comfortable and widespread service network which, in just a few years, has revolutionised the way of life of millions of Italians, stimulated the flow of tourists, given impetus to economic and trade activities.

There will be four Freccialink per day serving the towns of Potenza and Matera, two trips leaving and two arriving with special 16-seater coaches, film-coated with the colours and logos of the brand.

Travellers will be welcomed and assisted in Salerno’s station by Trenitalia staff and escorted to the Frecciarossa, destination: Naples, Rome, Florence, Bologna and Milan.

Two trips will start respectively from Matera at 05:55 and 13:55, from the square in front of the Central Station of Matera Appulo Lucane and from Potenza at 07:30 and 15:30, from the square in front of the station where the replacement bus stop is located.

Arrivals in Potenza, still with the special Freccialink coach, are scheduled at 13:30 and at 22:20 and in Matera at 15:10 and at 00:00, leaving Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples with the Frecciarossa.

Tickets for Potenza, Matera-Rome, Florence-Bologna and Milan are already on sale on all Trenitalia commercial channels, from the ticket offices to Trenitalia’s website or its App. 

A single ticket, whose price will be determined by your choice for travelling on the Frecciarossa departing from or arriving in Salerno: class or level of service (First and Second Standard, Premium, Business, Executive) and type of ticket (Basic, Economy, Supereconomy), plus 10 euro, the fixed price for the bus trip, which cannot in any case be sold separately.

The whole trip will be characterised by Frecciarossa’s bonus service: dedicated staff, assistance, Wi-Fi, drinks with on-board monitors also on the coach. The timetable has been designed to ensure adequate transfer times from the coach to the train and vice versa.