RFI: Maurizio Gentile Appointed Chairman of CIFI

Rome, 16th May 2016

Maurizio Gentile, CEO and General Manager of the Italian Railway Network (RFI), has been appointed Chairman of the Italian Railway Engineers Association (CIFI) for the 2016-2019 four-year period.

Membership of the Chairman’s Committee is also new, with the appointment of Marco Broglia (Deputy Chairman for Northern Italy), Marcello Serra (Deputy Chairman for Central Italy), Roberto Pagone (Deputy Chairman for Southern Italy), Donato Carillo (General Secretary) and Paolo Genovesi (Administrator).

Giovanni Caruso, Massimo Montebello and Michelangelo Gressani have been confirmed as Accounts Auditors.

The Italian Railway Engineers’ Association (CIFI), founded in 1899, is one of Italy’s oldest and most prestigious technical and professional associations, dedicated to the technical and economic aspects of rail transport and constituting the country’s main authority in this field.

The Association, which has some 2,200 individual members, unites over 130 industrial and transport companies as well as several universities, and is of a fundamentally cultural nature, providing moral support to the profession.

The CIFI’s main objectives are: to promote the study of scientific, technical, economic and legislative issues relating to land transport; to assist in best resolving such issues; to value of the role of transport engineers and experts; to study, co-ordinate and support the interests of transport engineers and experts; to contribute to improving the technical and training culture of those employed by the land transport industry.

Maurizio Gentile began his professional career in 1982 with the Azienda Autonoma Ferrovie dello Stato, winning a public service recruitment competition for the position of Construction Department Inspector.

Since then, he has held numerous offices in various sectors, including Head of the Civil Works Department for Florence (1991-1995) and then Bologna (1995-1999). 

He managed the Bologna Regional Infrastructure Division until 2007, when he became RFI’s Head of Maintenance (in 2007) and, subsequently, Head of Manufacturing (in 2009). Before becoming CEO on 24th July 2014, he gained brief experience as Investment Manager of the national infrastructure.

He was recently appointed General Manager, charged with the leadership and coordination of the Company. Mr Gentile is also Chairman and CEO of the company Tunnel Ferroviario del Brennero SpA, a subsidiary of RFI.