Port-rail integration: one and a half billion euros in investments

“1.5 billion euros are set to be invested into ‘minor’ works to increase the competitiveness of rail carriers for land transport to and from ports”, explained Maurizio Gentile, CEO of the Italian Railway Network (RFI), interviewed at the 1st National Forum on Port Operations and Logistics held today in the city of Bari. 

He added, “As far as Freight Corridors are concerned, the current Planning Agreement (investments section) foresees works worth over 600 million euros (excluding major works), and the 2015 update of the Agreement pledges further funding of over 260 million euros to be invested directly into developing the Freight Corridors of ports and terminals”. For 2016, Mr Gentile, continued, “Additional funding for the Freight Corridors in excess of 300 million euros is in the final planning stages”.   

The Forum was promoted by Graziano Delrio, Italian Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, who explained how implementation of the reforms included in the National Strategic Plan is boosting the maritime economy. “Today, we can see with our own eyes all the measures adopted for the maritime transport system and for Italy as the Europe’s landing stage”. 

These, Mr Delrio continued, include: “Ferrobonus (rail) and Marebonus (sea) incentives, links with ports, a single contact point for customs services and sea customs clearance, regulations on concessions, and simplification of legislation on excavation and dredging”. All measures which are transform the maritime economy, making it “sustainable, intelligent and in the service of the country”.