“The Rails to Flavour”: food and wine-based itineraries on vintage trains

This Fondazione FS Italiane initiative returns on 20 September with “Il treno del Formaggio” (the Cheese Train) travelling from Turin Porta Nuova to Bra and on 27 September with “Il treno del cioccolato” (the Chocolate Train) from Catania to Modica.

3 September 2015

The Fondazione FS Italiane initiative entitled “Le strade ferrate del gusto” (The Rails to Flavour) continues, entailing a series of special events taking place from north to south Italy with itineraries that combine the charm of travelling back in time on a vintage train at a speed designed to ensure you can enjoy the landscapes you pass through with tasting traditional food and wine from the locations in which you arrive.

The “Treno del Formaggio” (Cheese Train) will leave Turin Porta Nuova station on 20 September and, on arriving in Bra, passengers will be able to walk to the “Mercato dei formaggi” (Cheese Market) in Bra, which is located around one hundred metres from the station. Food and wine stands are set up all around the pedestrian-only historical town centre, where you can take part in the events according to your own preferences.

“Cheese 2015: at the source of milk” is a free event set up in the streets and squares in the historical centre of Bra, while you can buy coupons for the “Gran Sala dei Formaggi” (the Great Cheese Hall) and the “Enoteca” (wine cellar), “Laboratori del Gusto” (Taste Laboratories), “Appuntamenti a Tavola” (Dates at the Table) and “Master of Food” initiatives. Seven journeys have been organised for the occasion of the 2015 Great Exhibition in Milan to join the scheduled vintage train journeys already organised by Fondazione FS Italiane.

The “Treno del cioccolato (Chocolate Train) is scheduled to travel along the Catania – Siracusa – Modica route on Sunday 27 September.

This trip passes through Val di Noto, which can be admired from the windows of the vintage train’s “centoporte” carriages (one hundred-door), will take passengers to the symbolic city of chocolate in Sicily.

On arriving in Modica, travellers can visit the Chocolate Museum and the two laboratories responsible for making the local delicacies - one of which called “Dammusu Ro Ciucculattaru” dating back to 1746 – and taste the traditional chocolate from Modica.

This itinerary also includes a guided tour among late-Baroque architectural structures in the historical centre, which has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

Finally, all participants will be given a bar of renowned Modica chocolate.

Information and tickets

Detailed information for this event - including booking procedures, timetables and costs – are available at www.fondazionefs.it. Tickets can also be bought through all Trenitalia sales channels.