FS Italiane CEO Elia: privatisation is an opportunity for the country

Plans to be implemented in 2016 illustrated in Brussels: 9 thousand kilometres of electric network to be sold to Terna and around 40% of the entire Group to be listed on the Stock Exchange

Rome, 2 July 2015

“Privatisation of Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane is a great opportunity for social and economic growth for all the players involved: Italy, consumers and potential investors alike” affirmed Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane CEO Michele Mario Elia talking in Brussels at the 8th edition of the Ambrosetti Forum “Observatory on Europe” - Improving European Integration and Competitiveness for Growth today.

This Forum focused on the challenges and opportunities for the Energy and Capital Markets in the European Union and the potential for economic privatisation and liberation and was the chance for the Group’s CEO to outline progress in plans for privatisation to be completed in 2016 before representatives from international political, economic and scientific circles.

Michele Mario Elia got to the heart of the matter of FS Italiane privatisation. “The Italian Government is considering listing 40% of the entire Group in 2016” and illustrated the on-going privatisation processes for Grandi Stazioni and the electrical segment, which will go to Terna.

“Grandi Stazioni will be split into three segments - GS Rail, GS Retail and GS Immobiliare – and the retail section will be sold,” declared the CEO. “If we respect the relative schedules,” he continued, “we should finish by the end of the year. We are currently working on concluding all the preparatory stages. We shall shortly make expression of interest public. We should be able to publish the public tender in autumn.”

“Basically, GS Rail will concentrate on infrastructural works and completing the investment plan. Grandi Stazioni Retail will focus on essentially commercial activities in network stations – including the two stations in the Czech Republic – and especially leases, Media & Advertising and passenger service, while Grandi Stazioni Immobiliare will be responsible for refurbishing property currently owned by Grandi Stazioni.”

With regard to selling part of the electrical network to Terna, Elia explained that, “Negotiations are currently underway with Terna regarding 9 thousand kilometres of medium and high voltage electric network through the country, which should be concluded in autumn.”