FS Italiane supports "Mothers. The love that changes the world "

A number of shots from the "WeWorld" photographic project to support women’s rights will be on Frecciarossa trains and in the FrecciaClub lounges in Rome and Milan until 10 May

Rome, 4 May 2015

Gruppo FS Italiane supports “Mothers. Love that changes the world”.

A number of shots from the WeWorld photographic project to support the rights of women and mums are travelling on Trenitalia scheduled Frecciarossa trains and exhibited in the FrecciaClub lounges in Rome and Milan from today until 10 May. Posters for this initiative are also displayed in ticket offices and notice boards at Trenitalia Regional Transport stations.

“Mothers. Love that changes the world” enhances the commitment from FS Italiane in social matters entailing Help Centres (antenna-counters in the corporate solidarity network), day and night centres and a reception centre for political refugees, fund-raising campaigns for social projects and partnerships with other enterprises, free use of station premises for Local Authorities, Foundations and No-profit Associations and effective aid in cold weather conditions.

Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane is one of the largest companies in Italy, the leading railway company and Official Global Rail Carrier for Expo Milano 2015.

Over the last few years, FS Italiane has implemented an important internationalisation policy that has expanded its business portfolio, paying particular attention to the markets in Germany, France, Holland and North-East Europe, which has also led to takeover of di Netinera Deutschland in Germany.

Trenitalia is the Gruppo FS Italiane Company responsible for passenger and freight transport. It is one of the leading rail carriers in Europe and, thanks to Frecciarossa since 2008 and Frecciarossa 1000 as of this year, the leading High Speed Rail company in Italy.

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana is the corporate manager of infrastructures which, in addition to 16,700 kilometres of railway line, also includes stations and systems for which it takes care of efficiency, maintenance and security. Italferr is the Group’s engineering company and operates in Europe and throughout the world as well as in Italy.

In 2012, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane also extended road transport services operations by establishing BUSITALIA - SITA NORD, a leading operator in central-north Italy providing road and combined road and rail services for local public transport. BUSITALIA - SITA NORD is owned 100% by FS Italiane and currently operates in Tuscany, Veneto and Umbria.

Grandi Stazioni, 60% owned by FS Italiane, is responsible for commercial management of the 13 main railway stations in Italy, whereas Centostazioni, also 60% owned, is responsible for improving, redeveloping and managing other railway properties throughout the country.

FS Logistica is the corporate logistics company and FS Sistemi Urbani is responsible for Gruppo FS assets no longer suited to railway operations.