Milan Central Station, entrance gates to train departure area as of 1 May

Rome, 27 April 2015
Special gates and preventive ticket checks will regulate access to the train departure area at Milan Central Station at all times of the day. Gates will become operational on 1 May and subsequently installed at Rome Termini and Florence Santa Maria Novella Stations.

Controlled access to departure platforms at these three stations is not news. The initiative adopted for security reasons by FS Italiane will help improve the quality of passenger services and has been underway by way of experimentation during peak times for the last few months. It will now become standard practice. As of 1 May, passengers departing from Milan Central Station will find entrance gates on platforms and will be required to show their paper or electronic tickets.

This project, planned by Gruppo FS Italiane with support from the forces of law and order and Authorities, aims to improve security for passengers and to avoid people boarding trains without tickets, beggars, illegal conduct and sales on platforms and trains.

Staff qualified to use defibrillators and in techniques to prevent people – including children – from choking will be available near these gates to provide first aid services when needed, thereby ensuring added value in terms of safety.