FS Italiane for the Jubilee of Mercy

The plan elaborated by the Italian Railway Group for pilgrims arriving at the Capital was presented today by its CEO Michele Mario Elia

Rome, 13th November 2015

To the Jubilee by train: this is the meaning of the plan drawn up by the FS Italiane Group and its operating companies for pilgrims coming to the Capital.

The novelties were presented today in the Auditorium of the Roma Tiburtina station by the CEO of FS Italiane, Michele Mario Elia.

Other important people were at the press conference: the Prefect of Rome, Franco Gabrielli, the Chairman of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, the manager of the Special Office for the Jubilee in Rome, Virginia Proverbio and monsignore Rino Fisichella, Chairman of the Papal Committee for the Promotion of the New Evangelisation.

Leave your car behind, take the train!

Integrated road-rail transport will be a fundamental part of the whole Jubilee year

Roma Tiburtina, Roma Aurelia, La Storta, Fiumicino and Ciampino will be the main interchange stations with parking and services to offer those arriving at Rome by bus, car or air easy travel solutions with more than a thousand trains.

A main hub, like Expo 2015

Tiburtina master station

Just like Rho Fiera Expo Milano 2015 was for the World Fair, Roma Tiburtina station will be the main entrance to the Eternal City for the Jubilee of Mercy.

A crucial division for the capital’s mobility, Tiburtina will be served daily by 64 Frecciarossa, 22 Frecciargento and 10 Intercity and Notte (night) trains for passengers arriving from the main Italian cities. 

Around 307 regional connections will be added to the national service (96 trains), to make Tiburtina the most important railway junction in Rome created for the pilgrims’ movements.

A quality showcase of railway architecture with a futuristic design, Tiburtina station is one of the largest urban infrastructures in our country.

The hub already hosts various business activities and services for travellers, an equipped green waiting area, a Wi-Fi network and an app that helps with directions.

More than a hundred spaces: buses stop at the station

Roma Tiburtina station will be equipped with a parking area of around 130 places for tourist coaches coming from the A24. 

It will be easy for the pilgrims to reach St. Peter’s thanks to the FL3 (Tiburtina – San Pietro) connecting lines.

The offer doubles from Tiburtina to San Pietro

The new regional timetable programmed for the Jubilee of Mercy and agreed on with the Lazio Region will come into force on 29th November. 

It includes additional connections for a daily frequency of three trains each hour between Roma Tiburtina and Roma San Pietro (42 trains more than the current offer).

In addition, on Saturday and Sunday, and during peak rail traffic times, the connections between Roma Aurelia and Roma San Pietro/Ostiense will also be increased (with 18 more trains than the current offer).

Even Frecciabianca and Intercity go to St. Peter’s

More services for all those pilgrims who want to reach St. Peter’s Square by train.

Six national connections to Roma San Pietro (2 Frecciabianca from/to Genoa, 2 Intercity trains Sestri Levante – Naples and 2 Notte (Night) trains from/to Turin) will be added to the 247 regional trains that already stop at the station every day.

Restyling the city stations

San Pietro, Ostiense, Trastevere: New monitors, platforms and canopies

Accessibility, visual and sound information to the public, and the decor of Roma San Pietro, Ostiense and Roma Aurelia stations have all been improved.

Roma Termini: a newer station, ancient marble works renewed

Roma Termini station, the biggest in Italy, will undergo special maintenance for the Jubilee.

Some of the most important things to be done are cleaning the historical “Dinosaur” ceilings, the marble works in the “Galleria Gommata” and the pavements in Via Giolitti and Laziali.

Among other things, the parking area in Piazza dei Cinquecento will be repaired, and Kiss & Ride points will be implemented.

Interventions to complete the Caritas Hostel will also be carried out.

From the city airports, quickly and cheaply

A Leonardo Express every 15 minutes

The Leonardo Express connections have been increased, going from the current 88 to 102, and reaching up to 110 trains each day, with the number of seats increasing from 26,000 to 33,000 when working at full capacity.

A Leonardo Express every 15 minutes between the airport and Termini station will be added to the 124 daily regional runs (100,000 seats) from Fiumicino to Tiburtina, with stops at Trastevere, Ostiense and Tuscolana. 

This means there will be one train running every 7 minutes and 30 seconds from Fiumicino to the Capital city.

181 trains for Ciampino

181 trains from and to Roma Termini to reach Rome or the airport in just 15 minutes.

By train in the city of the faithful

The Trenitalia offer will be operative also in the other main worshiping areas: Padua will have more than 90 daily connections; Foggia – from where San Giovanni Rotondo can be reached – will be able to count on more than 40 trains each day and Ancona (from where Loreto can be reached using the regional train service) will have 50 national connections.

Special stops also at Loreto station, with 6 Intercity trains coming daily from the main points of the Adriatic line (Milan, Bologna, Pescara, Bari and Lecce). 

There will be 49 trains for Assisi, 4 of which for long journeys, while Pompei will instead be connected by 65 trains.

Special cards

A rechargeable card for regional trains and Metrebus lasting 24, 48, 72 hours and one week: this is “Lazio Pass, Jubilee Special” with the image of the Pope.

Trenitalia (the official carrier for the travel packages that the Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi will promote during the Jubilee) will also sell the “OMNIA CARD” in its authorised sales channels; this card can be used to obtain discounts for those who choose to travel by train.

From the Vatican to the Papal Castles

A railway connection which, every Saturday, runs from the old Vatican station to Castel Gandolfo and Albano Laziale, with an additional dedicated service for reaching the Vatican Museums and the Papal Castles of Castel Gandolfo. 

Better assistance for pilgrims

Customer care at Roma Termini, Tiburtina, San Pietro, Aurelia, Ostiense and Fiumicino stations for travellers.

For those who travel by train, there  are also pocket-sized timetables for long journey and regional connections. Particular care was taken with the times of the connections between San Pietro and Tiburtina, and for those for Fiumicino and Ciampino airports.