The MaDe4Rail project dedicated to innovative solutions for rail networks kicks off

On 6 July 2023, the kick-off meeting of MaDe4Rail – the R&I project dedicated to pioneering solutions for magnetic and pneumatic levitation applied to railway infrastructure – was held in the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane auditorium.

MaDe4Rail, is a project launched under the second 2022 call of Europe’s Rail, the institutionalised European Research and Innovation Partnership co-funded by the European Commission in which FS participates as a founding member with the FS Group companies.

The project, in which RFI plays the role of coordinator for the European Consortium, aims to integrate Maglev-derived Systems into the European transport system. It has a duration of 12 months and a budget of 2.56 million euro, of which 1.5 million euro is co-financed by the European Commission. The project commenced last 30 June with the signing of the Grant Agreement and shall be developed in collaboration with the 16 European partners, counting railway operators, engineering companies, technology developers, universities and research centres, from eight European countries.

Presenting the project, together with the top management of RFI, were Giulia Costagli – Head of Technology Governance & Energy, Fuel, Material, Transportation Solutions, and Riccardo Santoro – leading the structure in charge of coordinating and managing the FS Group’s participation in the partnership. During the speeches, the fundamental importance of the FS Group’s participation in the Europe’s Rail programme was recalled, in advancing the design of the European railway system of the future together with other partners, emphasising the strong integration of the FS Group’s activities in partnership with the digital and technological strategies of the Group.