The FS Infrastructure Hub and MIT launch the campaign “Regole. Una sicurezza per la tua sicurezza”

Starting today, 24 April 2023, is the awareness campaign on rail and road safety, on respect for the rules and conduct in stations, near tracks and level crossings promoted by the Infrastructure Business Unit of the FS Group and sponsored by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT).

This is the first initiative signed in synergy by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and Anas, companies that together manage around 50,000 kilometres of arterial roads and railway lines on which some 10,000 trains and 8 million vehicles travel every day.

The objective of the campaign “Regole. Una sicurezza per la tua sicurezzais to urge people not to underestimate the dangers that can arise from improperly crossing the tracks on foot, on two-wheel vehicles or in an automobile but also from not standing behind the yellow line running along every station platform. Distraction and overconfidence, also due to the improper use of electronic devices such as smartphones and earphones, can put one’s own safety at risk and lead to serious accidents. “Guida e Basta” (basically translating to, “drive and nothing else”) is the recommendation that Anas continually makes to all motorists to avert risks and bad habits behind the wheel due to a lack of compliance with the rules of the Highway Code. It is thus important to be aware of and pay attention to train transit at all times.

This is the cause of an average of around 250 accidents at level crossings each year, which in 10% of cases result in serious or fatal consequences. There are then more than 2,600 instances of improper presences on the tracks or along the line, which – amidst deaths and serious injuries – have proved fatal in around 200 cases. Numerous incidents also caused significant slowdowns in rail traffic.

This is a matter of common interest, on which to raise awareness so as to discourage bad habits and to spread a culture of virtuous behaviour, emphasising the close correlation between our most precious asset – life – and rule-breaking. Not respecting a rule or simply being careless could lead to irreparable consequences in an instant.

The plan of the campaign includes posters in the main Italian stations, the dissemination of videos and digital content on web and social media channels aimed at citizens, travellers, stakeholders and institutions, along with the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group staff. The philosophy of the campaign is to promote good living through messages referring to family values and situations that could be at risk due to careless behaviour. The FS Italiane portal is online at on the page dedicated to the campaign with a valuable vademecum of rules to be observed in the station and near the platforms.