For the first time ever, the FS Group Logistics Hub has become part of the management of a European terminal

Rome, 20 March 2023

The goal is to bolster the network of railway terminals in order to improve the intermodal logistics system. In keeping with this objective, through its company TX Logistik, the FS Italiane Group Logistics Hub has become part of the shareholding structure at the Duisburg terminal, in Germany, thus establishing a European presence in terms of terminal activities, while at the same time reinforcing its control over the freight transport value chain.

The newly formed company “Ziel Terminal GmbH”, which acquired the Duisburg terminal, is owned by three partners; the Dutch company Samskip, which holds 49.8% of the shares, the local port company, duisport, and TX Logistik, each of which hold 25.1%.

The terminal covers 140,000 square meters, and has seven transshipment platforms (each 720 meters long), two shunting platforms, and two high-performance gantry cranes for transshipment between road and rail. It has an annual handling capacity of up to 250,000 cargo units.

“Being part of the shareholding structure that will manage the Duisburg terminal means guaranteeing customers an expansion of geographic targets, because the terminal is located in a strategic geographical position, in the heart of Germany, in an important industrial zone, along the main trade interchange axis of Europe.” Thus commented, Gianpiero Strisciuglio, CEO of Mercitalia Logistics, regarding the decision. “This will contribute to the achievement of other major goals, including improved service quality, synchronisation of traction and access slots to terminal areas, and greater transport efficiency, all activities necessary to ensure the provision of effective door-to-door services.”

Operations at the Duisburg hub can rely on modern IT and communications technologies. These include a control tower system for the preliminary planning of terminal activities, and the management of special cases. Other high standards include high-tech gate functions, electronic scanning for registration of entries, order prioritisation and truck parking allocation, and advanced security management. The terminal’s facilities also allow for effective cross-docking to be implemented, thus avoiding the storage of goods and cycle slowdowns, and the repair of railway cars.

"The long-term partnership established at Duisburg not only strengthens our position, but also paves the way for sustainable growth and the expansion of our business model. By jointly exploiting the potential of the three strong players of duisport, Samskip, and TX Logistik, we will be able to continuously develop the terminal and be successful together. This will create additional handling capacities at the Duisburg location,” explains duisport CEO Markus Bangen.

Samskip CEO, Kari-Pekka Laaksonen, said: “As Samskip is extremely committed to delivering on its sustainability targets, this will also further cement the usage and the growth of rail modality at this location.”

In keeping with the provisions of the FS Italiane Group Business Plan, presented by CEO Luigi Ferraris last May, the Logistics Hub envisages nearly € 3 billion in investments over the next ten years to further the operational and commercial development of its sustainable logistics assets around rail freight traffic, both in Italy and throughout Europe.

The partnership for the terminal is currently still subject to the approval of the European competition authorities.