International Anti-Corruption Day 2022

9 December marks the International Anti-Corruption Day promoted by the United Nations – an opportunity to reflect on a social and economic phenomenon that affects all countries and hinders the achievement of development goals.

The FS Italiane Group has always encouraged and promoted the dissemination of a corporate culture inspired by zero tolerance for corruption, seeing its upper management as the top endorser and promoter.

 On this day, the Group intends to reaffirm its commitment to conducting its business in accordance with the principles of integrity, ethics and legality.

So as to continue to concretely implement this commitment, the FS Italiane Group’s Anti-Corruption Policy was adopted this year. What’s more, the Organisation, Management and Control Forms (231 Forms) and the Activity-Based Costing (ABC) system of various companies were updated, as tools additional to those with which the Group is already equipped – for example, the Code of Ethics and the Whistleblowing procedures – to raise awareness on the issue and support transparent, correct corporate action aimed at protecting the Group’s reputation with stakeholders.

Any kind of corrupt practice represents an intolerable threat to the FS Group. #zerotoleranceforcorruption