Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and MOTUS-E

9th April 2020

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana joins MOTUS-E, the first association in Italy that intends to favour the transition of the transport sector towards more sustainable forms of mobility, with electric means in first place. This sees the involvement of industrial operators, automotive companies, representatives from the academic field, consumers and viewpoints from movements that consider technologies and digital transformation to be fundamental in environmental protection.

Currently engaged in the process of railway station development, RFI intends to transform them into veritable hubs of integrated and sustainable mobility. The aim is twofold: to strengthen the connections between stations and the urban mobility system along with improving the accessibility and liveability of public spaces, thanks to the rearrangement of the external areas.

“Stations are no longer a mere place for transit, where a journey starts or ends,” said Sara Venturoni, Head of RFI’s Railway Stations Department, “but become real service hubs, playing a central role in the urban context and stimulating the redevelopment of the surrounding urban fabric.” This demanding yet stimulating challenge can be overcome thanks to the collaboration between RFI and all stakeholders. For the electric mobility services within the station, we believe that joining the association is a profitable opportunity to enhance the dialogue with all players in the value chain.”