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Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), is the company of the Ferrovie dello Stato Group with the public role of Infrastructure Manager. As the body responsible for the lines, stations and systems, it guarantees access to the Italian network to the various railway undertakings, performs the maintenance and ensures the safe circulation across the entire infrastructure, manages the investments for the upgrading and improvement of railways lines and installations and develops the technology of systems and materials.

At international level, RFI promotes the integration of the Italian infrastructure within the European Railway Network in coordination with EU countries in terms of quality standards, actions and service marketing strategies.

Operating lines currently stretch over 16,787 km, of which 12,022 kilometres are electrified and 7,619 are double track. There are 2,201 stations and stops for the customer service and 6 ferry systems.

Under the Bluferries brand, RFI also ensures the ferry link between Calabria and Sicily.

RFI carries out activities aimed to develop the Italian railway infrastructure, providing Italy with an efficient, safe and technologically advanced railway network and employing about 27,000 people across Italy. The Company has thus been able to develop with an organisation that is heavily focused on extensive territorial coverage.

The territorial structure represents the real operating element of the infrastructure, not only concerning the network but also the stations and the equipment used for train circulation and maintenance.

Bluferries S.r.l. (100%): the Company is wholly owned by RFI,  its core business  is ferrying passengers and wheeled vehicles over the Strait of Messina.

BluJet S.r.l. (100%)

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana was incorporated on 1 July 2001 to implement the EU Directives adopted by the Italian Government, imposing a separation between the network manager and the transport service provider.

RFI’s mission is defined from the Act of Concession for the management of the national railway infrastructure, based on the specific regulations of the sector, both nationally and on an EU level, along with Programme Contracts with the State.

The main areas of activity concern:

  • the safe management of railway traffic, also through the supervision of train control and command systems;
  • the maintenance of the efficiency of the national railway infrastructure due to its full usability by Transport Companies, through ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities, regulated from 2014, together with safety, security and railway navigation activities to Sicily and Sardinia, by the “Programme Agreement – Services part” signed between RFI, in its capacity as Manager of the national railway infrastructure, and the State;
  • the planning and implementation of investments to upgrade the existing infrastructure and its technological equipment as well as to develop and construct new lines and railway systems, also through the investee companies, according to the programming defined with the State through the appropriate “Programme Agreement – Investment part”;
  • the annual definition of the railway timetable based on the requests made by the passenger and freight railway companies according to the rules set out in the Network Information Prospectus (NIP), the official document with which the Infrastructure Manager communicates to its direct customers the criteria, procedures, methods and terms for the allocation of infrastructure capacity and for the provision of related services;
  • the ascertainment of the psycho-physical suitability of personnel – both of RFI, as well as those of the railway companies and other operators in the transport sector – engaged in activities connected with the safety of train movement and railway operation as well as with public naval and land transport safety;
  • the accessibility of stations and the services that they offer to passengers and, in general, to all users according to the reference principles and values to which RFI inspires its relationship with its customers and the public;
  • the assistance at the station to People with Reduced Mobility in accordance with the role of Station Manager hired by the Company since December 2010 in implementation of EC Regulation 1371/2007 on “Rights and obligations of rail passengers”;
  • the usability of proprietary freight terminals, also through the integrated offer of access to the infrastructure and last-mile services of the railway provided through the Terminali Italia subsidiary, activated in 2015 with a network extended throughout the national territory consisting of 16 terminals;
  • the maritime connection to guarantee the territorial continuity of the rail services to Sicily, assured continuously by the ferrying of the passenger and freight trains between Villa San Giovanni and Messina, and towards Sardinia, carried out exclusively at the request of the railway companies for freight trains or transport of service;
  • the integration of the Italian network in the trans-European transport networks according to the plans and standards defined at supranational level and according to the programs conducted together with the foreign Infrastructure Managers, also in the context of European Economic Interest Groups (EEIGs), for the interoperability of networks and the development of freight corridors.

Board of Directors

Board Chairman: Anna Masutti

Chief Executive Officer: Vera Fiorani

Board member:  Enrico Corali 

Board member: Silvio Martuccelli 

Board member: Giuseppe Antonio Taini

Supervisory council

Chairman: Mauro D’Amico 

Statutory auditor: Silvia Razzolini

Statutory auditor: Lorenzo Stanghellini

Substitute statutory auditor: Ennio Celio Luglio

Substitute statutory auditor: Monica Petrella

Chief Executive Officer and General Manager: Vera Fiorani

HR and Organisation: Claudio Terzi 

Administration, Finance and Control: Andrea Pascucci 

Strategies, Planning and Sustainability: Gianfranco Pignatone

Purchasing: Giuseppe Albanese

Internal Audit: Edgardo Ugo Stefano Greco

Legal and Corporate Affairs: Claudio Maria Oriolo

Investments: Vincenzo Macello

Sales: Christian Colaneri

Operation: Daniele Moretti

Infrastructures Operational Department: Luca Cavacchioli

Technical Department: Paola Firmi

Environmental Protection: Giuseppe Francesco Lamanna

Network Safety and Quality: Paolo Genovesi

Research and Development: Eugenio Fedeli

Asset Management: Donatella Fochesato

Study Centre and Innovative Projects: Giulia Costagli

Media Relations: Gianluca Dati

Stations: Sara Venturoni

Risk Management: Giovanni Conti

Share Capital: 31.525.279.633,00 Euros