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FS Italiane Group: measures and initiatives

All information on the rescheduled Frecce, InterCity and regional trains is available on on the Infomobilità page and on Trenitalia sales channels.

In compliance with the disposals to prevent and tackle spread of COVID-19, Trenitalia rail service including HS, Intercity and regional trains, will be partially cancelled. FrecciaLink fleet is expected to be cancelled, too.

In order to facilitate both police and health authorities checks, passenger service for Frecce and long-distance trains with more than one stop in the same town is allowed only in the main stations.

The decrees issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to tackle and contain the coronavirus health emergency

14 March 2020 - The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, together with the Ministry of Health, has partially amended the Decree of 13 March 2020 to guarantee minimum service levels for Intercity trains. Trenitalia may still agree further changes with the authorities, in response to the reduced mobility needs. 

13 March 2020 - The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Paola De Micheli, has signed a decree to reschedule rail services for passengers. The services available will be reduced until 25 March, although essential services will continue to be guaranteed. The measure has become necessary due to the need to combat and contain the coronavirus health emergency, and protect rail passengers and employees.

All information on the rescheduled Frecce, InterCity and regional trains is available on on the Infomobilità page and on Trenitalia sales channels.

FS Italiane launches a self-certification app for travellers

The FS Italiane Group is offering all citizens, and its employees, a free app to fill in the new self-certification form when travelling. The form is necessary to comply with the new COVID-19 requirements issued by the government. After filling out your details, the app will generate a PDF file to be printed and shown to police officers.

The action plan by FS Italiane

Based on government directives, the FS Italiane Group, has put in place a detailed and concrete plan of action to ensure maximum safety for both our passengers and staff, in order to counter the spread of the new COVID-19 coronavirus. As well as increasing smart working in all Group Companies, FS Italiane has issued detailed instructions to its employees and has set up an Intercompany Task-Force to monitor the evolution of the situation and ensure the coordination of all interventions. We have also increased our efforts to keep travellers informed by distributing the Ministry of Health's vademecums online.

The FS Italiane Group has activated special procedures to ensure the management of situations related to possible COVID-2019 cases aboard both medium- and long-distance trains (Frecce, InterCity, InterCity Night) and regional trains in the interest of the utmost safety of passengers travelling and the front-line staff of the operating companies.

Frecce Trenitalia: new seat reservation criteria

Introduced to guarantee safe distancing

Rome, 10 March 2020

Trenitalia (FS Italiane Group) has started to use a new criterion for booking seats on board the Frecce.

The new booking function, designed and implemented by FSTechnology (a Group company) guarantees compliance with the safety distances prescribed by the provisions on the prevention and spread of the COVID-19 virus, while maintaining the comfort offered to travellers.

The new booking criterion is in addition to the actions already taken by the FS Italiane Group to protect travellers and employees:

  • increasing sanitisation and disinfection of trains and workplaces by reducing the time intervals between cleaning sessions;
  • installing hand disinfectant dispensers on board trains;
  • setting up an inter-company task force to constantly monitor the evolution of the situation and ensure the coordination of all the requirements introduced by the relevant government measures;

Furthermore, Trenitalia has updated its commercial offer with all the changes on its sales channels. Information on train traffic is available on the Trenitalia App and the website.

Trenitalia tickets? Better and quicker online

Amongst the many initiatives adopted in recent days by the FS Italiane Group companies—in this case, by Trenitalia—to handle the Coronavirus emergency, there is also the invitation for people to buy their ticket via digital channels. This advice aims to prevent possible crowding at the ticket offices, thus reducing waiting times at the station and streamlining business transactions.

Purchases can be made both on the website, through the two parallel channels of computers and mobile devices (smartphone, iPhone and tablet), and through the App.

An alternative to digital purchases, for those who have already reached the station, consists in the 2,300-plus self-service machines present throughout the network served by Frecce and Intercity trains, in addition to the even more extensive and capillary stations reached by regional trains. 

Trenitalia prolongs ticket reimbursement in light of coronavirus protocols

Requests can be made online

The period for requesting reimbursements for Trenitalia tickets (FS Italiane Group) has been extended.

Passengers can also obtain a full refund for travel renunciations for tickets purchased after 23 February 2020, regardless of the fare, by submitting a request within the deadlines indicated under the pertinent national provisions and justifying the non-travel with the following reasons:

  • for quarantine, home-stays and for all journeys arriving in or departing from the areas indicated by the measure;
  • for journeys scheduled for school trips, competitions, exhibitions, events or meetings that have been cancelled, postponed or suspended;
  • for planned trips abroad where arrival is prevented or prohibited under the provisions issued.

For medium- and long-distance trains, full refunds shall be provided in the form of a credit that can be used within one year. Requests can be made by filling out the specific web form available on or from any ticket office.

For regional trains, full refunds are provided in cash. Request can be made by filling out the specific form available online or from the ticket offices.

These measures are in addition to those already adopted by Trenitalia, autonomously and due to social mindfulness, in guaranteeing its clientele complete reimbursement, upon requests submitted by 1 March 2020, for any type of ticket—even those usually non-refundable—with any date of travel and having any destination.


Instructions from the Ministry of Health  

Ten behaviours to adopt to avoid contagion 

  • Wash your hands often;
  • Avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections;
  • Do not touch the eyes, nose or mouth with your hands;
  • Cover your mouth and nose if you sneeze or cough;
  • Do not take antiviral drugs or antibiotics, unless prescribed by your doctor;
  • Clean surfaces with chlorine- or alcohol-based disinfectants;
  • Only wear a mask if you suspect you are sick or you are assisting sick people;
  • MADE IN CHINA products and parcels received from China are not dangerous;
  • Contact the toll-free number 1500 if you have a fever or cough and have returned from China within the last 14 days;
  • Pets do not spread the novel Coronavirus.

The vademecum issued by the Ministry of Health and distributed by Trenitalia can also be viewed on regional train monitors, Frecce and in the self-service areas.