The FS foreign policy takes the Frecciarossa to Paris and Berlin

Article published in La Repubblica, Business & Finance

19 October 2020

FS accelerates the Group’s process of internationalisation. After winning the race for high speed in Spain less than a year ago, the Frecciarossa will also take on Paris and Berlin.

A strong focus on Europe will see the last phase of the high-speed market’s liberalisation by the end of 2020, in which FS will be able to play a leading role thanks to the know-how acquired at an international level.

In La Repubblica newspaper, the FS Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Gianfranco Battisti, was quoted as saying: “With 350 million passengers transported in Italy on the HS network, we have developed the unique know-how and skills that are valued in competitive markets, in Europe and beyond, from Asia to America and Africa.”

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