The Frecciargento arrives in Sibari: the network expands southwards

5 September 2019

From Monday, 16 September, a new connection for Trenitalia, a company of the FS Group, will connect Calabria with Rome and Napoli Afragola with another train, in addition to other cities in Central and Northern Italy. Tickets can be purchased from the website, through the Trenitalia app, at ticket offices and travel agencies.

The service is effectuated at the request of the Calabria Region, which contributes to the economic sustainability of the two connections, considered essential for mobility to and from the Ionian area, after having invited additional operators to submit an offer. Indeed, the costs are only partially covered by ticket sales. The service will be provided by the Frecciargento whose journey from Bolzano to Rome and vice-versa has been extended to Sibari, with intermediate stops in Napoli Afragola, Salerno, Scalea and Paola. Thus, it will be possible to reach Rome from Sibari in just over four hours.

Trenitalia’s Frecciargento departs from Sibari at 6:15 am with stops in Paola (7:05-7:08), Scalea (7:34-7:36), Salerno (8:57-8:59), Napoli Afragola (9:26-9:28), before arriving in Roma Termini at 10:30 am. The train continues on to Bolzano, departing from Rome at 10:45 am and arriving at 3:14 pm, with stops in Florence’s Campo di Marte, Bologna, Verona, Rovereto and Trento.

The train departs from Rome at 6:14 pm, with stops in Napoli Afragola (7:17-7:19), Salerno (8:02-8:04), Scalea (9:28-9:30), Paola (9:56-9:58), arriving in Sibari at 10:45 pm. When departing from Bolzano, the train leaves at 1:16 pm and reaching Roma Termini at 5:52 pm, with stops in Trento, Rovereto, Verona, Bologna and Florence’s Campo di Marte.

Further confirmation of Trenitalia’s commitment to southern Italy comes by way of the connection to be experimentally activated, aimed towards meeting the demand for mobility of the Jonico-Calabrian basin towards Rome and Northern Italy, whilst maintaining high standards.

With a view to improving the connections in Sibaritide area overall, the Calabria Region has reinforced the first- and last-mile connections with Corigliano Rossano, integrating the bus schedules with the departure and arrival of the new Frecciargento. This will permit easy modal train-bus interchanges, entice more and more people to leave their car at home, with enormous benefits for the environment.