"I volti della violenza” at the Pietrarsa Railway Museum

Naples, 6 June 2019

I Volti della Violenza (“The faces of violence”). This the name given to the awareness day, proposed by the Campania - Molise Equal Opportunity Committee of the FS Italiane Group, with an event held this morning in the meeting areas of the National Railway Museum in Pietrarsa.

The meeting, which focused on violence against women, was organised for workers of the FS Italiane Group companies. The theme was addressed and discussed thanks to the speeches and stories regarding the experiences of women engaged in providing a concrete contribution in support of gender policies all around Italy.

During the meeting, the fundamental importance of working and economic independence in women’s lives strongly emerged.

Particularly expressed was that contained in Regional Law 34/2017 outlining, amongst other things, actions to promote personal, social and economic autonomy for female victims of gender-based violence and their children, as presented by Regional Councillor Bruna Fiola, who spoke at the event.

Also discussed throughout the day was the role played by the Councillor for Equality, designated by the Campania Region, in terms of the necessary commitment towards affirming the principles of non-discrimination and to foster inclusion and permanence of women in the workplace.

A significant contribution was provided with the description of the refuge activities carried out by an Anti-violence Centre operating in the Neapolitan territory.

After a presentation by a railway worker - a sociologist and expert on martial arts - on the theme of the defence required by staff to be handled from a psychological perspective, the video “Le Parole di Genere” was shown to promote reflection on the behaviours and stereotypes manifested through words, and on the need for communication based on language - also on social media networks - that is more respectful of people and of diversity.

“The event is intended to attest to the commitment of the Campania-Molise Equal Opportunity Committee in raising awareness on the issue that is much discussed yet remains urgent in regards to the forms of psychological, physical and cultural violence against women,” declared Ilaria Rispoli, President of the Campania-Molise Equal Opportunity Committee of the FS Group. “With our work, we seek to contribute to the dissemination of a culture of protection of the dignity of men and women, in line with the missions of the company.”

“We have strongly supported this initiative together with the FS Group, as the choosing of this splendid setting testifies. It is the first event held on this subject,” added Francesca Ciuffini, President of the National Equal Opportunity Committee. "Raising awareness of gender-based violence is crucial on the path to achieving equal opportunities. Yet even before this, it is a question of respecting the rights of the individual. Women must recognise forms of violence, find the courage to talk about it and know where to find support. It is also important to extend such awareness to men.”