Inclusion and diversity as an added value for businesses and institutions

Meeting to start a dialogue in collaboration with Istituto Mario Negri, Polytechnic University of Milan, Bocconi University and Auticon Italia

Milan, 11 June 2019

Promoting inclusion as an opportunity for growth and enrichment and enhancing talents, even the more hidden ones, to achieve better results in terms of economics, competitiveness and image.

Inclusion and enhancing individuality are the fundamental principles of FS Italiane, constantly engaged in the creation of a mobility project able to facilitate the integration of social and environmental aspects within their economic-financial strategies. Indeed, environmental, social and economic sustainability is an increasingly crucial element that guides all FS Italiane Group activities.

Inclusion is a fundamental ethical value, as well as being an economic lever, declared Gianluigi Castelli, President of FS Italiane. “FS Italiane is constantly committed to strengthening diversity, enhancing the contribution of all people working in the Group companies. What’s more, FS Italiane is working to transform shared and collective mobility in Italy, rendering it increasingly integrated and sustainable so as to improve the quality of life for people in our country. Awareness of the value of diversity allows companies to develop innovative ideas, observing the market from new perspectives and points of view. For this reason, it becomes increasingly urgent to educate people regarding respect for diversity and individuality, providing dedicated training courses.”

In collaboration with the Istituto Mario Negri, Polytechnic University of Milan, Bocconi University in Milan and Auticon Italia, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane organised Binari Gentili, an evening dedicated to scientific research, training and social enterprise to promote dialogue between the scientific and academic institutions that value diversity in achieving business objectives.

In addition to Gianluigi Castelli, President of the FS Italiane Group, also present at the meeting were Giuseppe Remuzzi, Director of the pharmacological research institute Mario Negri, Ferruccio Resta as Dean of the Polytechnic University of Milan, Francesco Billari from the Bocconi University in Milan and Alberto Balestrazzi, CEO of Auticon Italia.

FS Italiane collaborates with entities and associations to activate projects and social initiatives within the railway areas. Indeed, the Group has extensive property that is partially unused, consisting of railway stations, toll booths and settlements. There are approximately 500 unmanned stations throughout Italy, loaned for use to different national realities (local authorities, associations, and so on), with positive effects on the embellishment of the environments and on the revitalisation of the urban context of reference. To ensure the right to mobility for all citizens, the Group is also committed to progressively eliminating architectural barriers and to offering assistance services to persons with reduced mobility. In particular, RFI has launched the SalaBlu+ app for requesting assistance, directly via smartphone, in any of the 300+ stations managed by the Sala Blu service.