Ponte San Michele sull'Adda: presentation of the executive plan

The project was presented today by the Director of the RFI’s Territorial Production to the regional Councillor for Infrastructure and Transport, the Mayors of Paderno d’Adda and Calusco d’Adda and to the Committee Representatives.

Milan, 10 June 2019

The executive project for the restoration of the Ponte San Michele sull'Adda river was presented today. The details were presented by the Lombardy Production Manager of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana Luca Cavacchioli before the Councillor for Infrastructure and Transport for the Lombardy Region, Claudia Terzi, Paderno d’Adda Mayor Gianpaolo Torchio, Calusco d’Ada Mayor Michele Pellegrini and the Committee representatives.

The executive project was drafted by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (FS Italiane Group) using latest-generation software, having developed both a full three-dimensional model of the bridge containing all the parts of the structure, along with a series of detailed models in which the individual parts of the structure can be analysed and verified.

In particular, the project foresees the following measures:

  • verification and restoration of the foundation works;
  • reinforcement and renewal of the structural components of the framework, arch and piles to be reopened to road and railway traffic, with new paving for the pedestrian walkways;
  • restoration and consolidation of access tunnel structures and shoulders of the bridge;
  • construction of new access facilities for inspection and maintenance;
  • sandblasting and painting of the metal components of the bridge.

The works are proceeding according to the time schedule, as is confirmed by the reopening of the bridge to road traffic set to take place on 7 December 2019, whilst rail traffic will resume in November 2020.

The phases of the time schedule and the progress of the intensive operations can be overseen by all the interested stakeholder through the updates posted on the web page dedicated to the Ponte San Michele.

The overall amount of the works comes to around 21.6 million euro, of which 1.6 million shall be financed by the Lombardy Region.