Ciampino Airlink: the new train + bus service from Rome Termini to Ciampino Airport

77 connections each weekday, with 44 on weekends and public holidays

Rome, 15 April 2019

Ciampino Airlink is the new train + bus service that directly connects the international airport of Ciampino G.B. Pastine with the Roma Termini station, the area of the Castelli Romani (the FL4 lines of Velletri, Albano, Frascati) and South Lazio (FL6 line for Cassino).

Strongly competitive in respect of other transport carriers, the link - as the result of the synergy between Trenitalia and ATRAL - was created to enhance rail-road intermodality, to encourage use of the train to reach the airport with a winning combination in the quality-price ratio: 2.70 euro for the ticket and around 30 minutes’ travelling time from the Roma Termini station.

The new service, after just a few days in operation, was presented today at Ciampino Airport by Maria Giaconia, Trenitalia Regional Passenger Division Director, Fausto Palombelli, Director of Aviation Marketing and Development for Aeroporti Di Roma, Maurizio Schiaffini, ATRAL Sales Director and Mauro Alessandri, Councillor for Public Works and Land Protection, Mobility in the Lazio Region.  Director of Trenitalia, Lazio Simone Gorini, was also present.

Be it for tourism or business, with the Ciampino Airlink it is easier to “dash” to Ciampino airport, comfortably and without the stress of traffic or parking. From Rome Termini, you can reach the Ciampino station in just 15 minutes. From here, a convenient bus awaits travellers to take them directly to the airport in a few minutes.

The service offers a combination of 77 shuttle + train trips on weekdays (40 from Ciampino station to Ciampino Airport and 37 for the reverse route) and 44 on Sundays and public holidays (25 from the Ciampino station to Ciampino Airport and 19 from the airport to the station). The bus stop is just a few metres from the airport’s entrance, in a welcoming space that is convenient for both boarding and alighting. Two Trenitalia ticket machines have been installed within the security-restricted area of the airport. All bus and train services are equipped with seats dedicated to people with reduced mobility. 

With the Ciampino Airlink link, affirms Maria Giaconia, Director of Trenitalia’s Regional Passenger Division, “we wanted to integrate the first and last mile with the railway route by creating a system for the points of entry to the country - stations and airports - for a new model of intermodal mobility that is economic and environmentally-friendly.

Fausto Palombelli, Director of Marketing and Development Aviation for Aeroporti Di Roma, declared, I am truly proud to present the new service, Ciampino Airlink. This is an absolute innovation for Ciampino and a further fundamental element for the enhancement of intermodality - train + road + plane, being an aspect on which ADR strongly focuses for the development of our infrastructure and a positive arrival in the territory.

“The service meets both the needs of tourists and citizens residing in Rome and Lazio who can now leave their vehicles at home when travelling to the Roma Ciampino Airport, so as to improve the traffic conditions and pollution,” concludes Maurizio Schiaffini, Sales Director of ATRAL.

Ciampino Airlink tickets can be purchased from all Trenitalia sales channels (via, the Trenitalia App, self-service ticket machines at the station, ticket offices, authorised travel agencies, and the Lispaga sales points of Lottomatica, SisalPay and Tabacchi stores).